Science and religion are not opponents in a battle

Galileo's trial for heresy was more than exception than the rule for the Catholic Church, which counts a number of scientists among its saints and leaders.

What are Catholics’ opinions about faith and science?

Among religious groups, Catholics have an easier time accepting scientific findings, with some struggles and inconsistencies.

Science in the Bible expresses God’s love for us

Scripture and intellectual inquiry show that our understanding of the natural world has unfolded throughout human history. Yet the eternal truth of God's love for us remains unchanging.

Healing this century’s wounds through humble service, merciful love

As the Little Sisters of the Poor mark their 150th anniversary, Sister Constance Veit reflects on how the congregation's historic ministry to the poor and the marginalized is more relevant than ever.

Does the anointing of the sick ‘work’ for someone in a coma?

Father Kenneth Doyle reassures a grieving mother of God's merciful love, which alone restores our souls. In response to another reader's question, Father Doyle clarifies the Mass obligation for holy days.

Take a family vacation, or go on a mission trip?

A couple asks if their annual getaway should be spent helping others, rather than trying to escape the world and its problems. Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain invite them to "go beyond the norm" in service.

Reflections on ‘Humanae Vitae’ at 50 years

Written in 1968, Pope Paul VI's landmark encyclical has proven to be an insightful and often controversial assessment of sexuality, procreation and human nature itself. In this set of articles from our partner Catholic News Service, we offer several current reflections on the document.

The legacy of ‘Humanae Vitae’ at 50 years

Pope Paul VI accurately assessed not just sexuality, but human nature itself in his prophetic words on how artificial contraception would impact society.

What does the church teach about ‘responsible parenthood’?

Often overlooked, the Catholic Church's teaching on responsible parenthood requires a well-formed conscience and the prudence to know when to be open to the God-given gift of a child.

How a non-Catholic couple discovered ‘Humanae Vitae’

A couple's journey to the Catholic faith began in a public policy class, where the concept of natural family planning led them to embrace parenthood with love and hope.