Understanding the debate about celibacy

Greg Erlandson points out exceptions to priestly celibacy that the church in her wisdom has allowed, including for Eastern-rite Catholics and men converted to Catholicism.

‘The Two Popes:’ Baloney, brilliantly acted

The Netflix film about Popes Benedict and Francis is entertaining but its portrayal of the 2013 conclave is not true, says George Weigel, a man who was there and knew its details and dynamics.

Skip this year’s resolutions, focus on 24 hours

Already blown past those new year's promises? Don't become discouraged while staring down the remaining 11 months, writes Elise Italiano Ureneck. Take it one day at a time, and begin again.

Catholic education helps kids break chains of poverty

Through Gospel values and creative stewardship, Catholic schools can transform future generations, especially among marginalized families, writes Hosffman Ospino.

Catholic judges under the microscope

Several legal professionals have recently been taken to task for their faith, writes Richard Doerflinger. Yet the Constitution declares that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification" for public office or service.

Nine ways to have an eco-friendly new year

Effie Caldarola has room for improvement in making environmentally friendly choices, but she's determined to make 2020 easier on the planet by taking simple, concrete steps to reduce consumption and waste.

In a toxic news culture, dialogue is lost

Nonstop, negative and nasty media stories are causing many to avoid the headlines, writes Father Eugene Hemrick. The human spirit longs for true communication, which requires virtues such as honesty, humility and prudence.

Choosing a life with children, not of gold

Katie Prejean McGrady loves awards shows, but she had to turn one off when an actress cited her abortion as the path to a golden statuette. It's a lie that women are incapable of raising a family and having a career.

What is man? The answer leads to the heart

As Father Thomas Dailey eagerly awaits a new book from the Vatican on that perennial question, he turns to St. Francis de Sales' answer: We seek happiness, and we find it only when the human is united with the divine.

Each sip or shower echoes our Christian baptism

Water surrounds us every day as it did at our baptism -- the deepest of washing, revitalizing our entire beings, writes Sister Annette Pelletier. The Father speaks to his beloved children, with whom he is pleased.