Humanity starting to wane as robots rise

Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life are considering how human kindness to the old is substituted with robotic strokes and a lie, and how romantic love is giving way to virtual avatars.

After the crisis, Catholics ask ‘To whom shall we go?’

The clerical sexual abuse crisis has caused many Catholics to ask if they want to remain in the church, writes Elise Italiano Ureneck. That question raises an even more important one: what is the church, and can we embrace it in all of its humanity, divinity and "messy grace"?

Mary as an antidote to digital distraction

Our devices have become pacifiers for both children and adults, writes Brett Robinson. As mediator and model, the Blessed Mother helps increase our spiritual bandwidth for a true connection with God.

Spring cleaning and soul cleansing

Decluttering experts abound, but the real work of simplifying our lives requires a moral inventory, writes Effie Caldarola. Lent is a good time to examine our consumption habits, which have profound impact on the environment and on society's marginalized.

Giving up Lenten sacrifices? Not so fast

While some Christians eschew giving up meat during Lent, John Garvey still likes to eat the Filet-o-Fish sandwich. He knows the wisdom, and Christ's instructions, in welcoming modest penitential practices.

Solidarity with a mother grieving her dead son

Hosffman Ospino tells of how Hispanic women hurry to church on Holy Saturday morning to meditate on Mary, whose son Jesus died unjustly, and with all mothers who grieve their children, dead or alive.

Winter’s chill and the loss of a friend

The passing of the bleak winter season comes with a heavy heart for Greg Erlandson, mourning the death of Bob Lockwood, a giant in Catholic communications. Even approaching death, Bob's hope lay in the resurrection.

Why would senators vote ‘no’ to prevent infanticide?

A Catholic writer in New Jersey wants an explanation from that state's two U.S. senators on why they would reject a bill that aimed to protect the lives of babies born after a botched abortion.

2 ways to enjoy the best of life

Start each day with a spiritual examen and practice gratitude, suggests Father Eugene Hemrick. Go outside of yourself, take notice of your blessings and help others who need support.

Lent by another name

People entering the church go through the Period of Purification and Enlightenment over these 40 days. Father Eric Banecker suggests everyone look at Lent through that lens, and see that the empty tomb lies just beyond the cross.