Separating babies from mothers is immoral, no way to protect borders

While urging U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent decision on asylum to be overturned, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Catholic bishops, condemned family separation at the southern border.

In a family moment, seeing as God sees us

Pope Francis didn't have a conga line in mind when he wrote, "it is a profound spiritual experience to contemplate our loved ones with the eyes of God," but that's what Greg Erlandson found dancing at a family wedding.

Fear for an abused woman, sadness for what we’re becoming

When Attorney General Sessions reversed an order granting asylum to a woman seeking refuge from her abusive husband, Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik sensed a calculated ploy to score anti-immigration points at the expense of brutalized women.

Show you’re a Catholic school grad and appear a fool — for Christ

Even as this year's graduates take off their caps and gowns, they are called always to be witnesses to Christ through their personal example despite pressures to fit in with society, writes Father Joseph Bongard.

Honor the fathers who keep life’s rhythms of duty and joy

Dads are more than the lowbrow stereotypes of greeting cards. Today's fathers are deeply involved in raising children and navigating the demands of work and home with love, writes Laura Kelly Fanucci.

In a world of us vs. them, Catholics can show the way to dignity

A young Navy officer knows the beauty of respectful dialogue and dignified disagreement, and thinks young people in the church can become the voice of dignity wherever it is called into question.

Church scores with insight that sport is more than just a game

Father Thomas Dailey runs through a new Vatican document on the human value of sports. Given its huge global and cultural impact, sport is a field rich with potential to become an instrument of encounter and holiness.

Tenuous freedoms totter like a wedding cake iced with irony

When the Supreme Court ruled to protect a baker's refusal to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, their ruling revealed logic that offers those who believe in traditional marriage as much constitutional protection as racists and pornographers -- if that.

First-time parents find it much harder than they imagined

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain offer sage advice for a young couple at their wits' end over the challenges of raising their newborn daughter. Believe it or not, this early period will actually strengthen the couple's bond.

A Father’s Day parable: The prodigal son who returns, or never leaves

Moises Sandoval reflects how fatherhood is the gift that keeps on giving even after kids become adults. While the flag of welcome should always fly at home, some sons and daughters refuse to move out.