Safe injection sites fail the medical ethics ‘sniff test’

Philadelphia's plan to create a legally sanctioned drug consumption facility violates common morality principles that guide medicine, writes bioethicist Steven Bozza. In the process, the sites sacrifice human dignity to an agenda of expedience and profit.

Greta Thunberg spoke, and Catholic reaction fell flat

Catholics' taunts during the teen environmental activist's recent U.S. visit were a "poor witness in the public square," writes Elise Italiano Ureneck. An rising number of faithful youth see what their elders do not.

When a crying baby on a flight brings out our best

As Katie Prejean McGrady witnessed people stepping up to help a mother and her fidgety baby, she saw that it takes small acts of hard work to care for the people around us. That is the little way of love.

Don’t let Halloween scare you

Dispense with the hand-wringing over ghouls and goblins, and see the "holy day" for what it is: a yearly community festival for young and old to greet their neighbors, advises Greg Erlandson.

We should all aspire to John Henry Newman’s intellectual honesty

The 19-century British convert and cardinal, who will be canonized on Oct. 13, paved the way for the Second Vatican Council through his authentic and humble embrace of the Catholic faith in the modern world.

Paying a just price for carbon emissions

In response to rapid and dangerous global warming, carbon pricing creates economic incentives for producers and consumers to reduce their carbon emissions, writes Carolyn Woo. The Vatican-endorsed mechanism places the costs on those who are most responsible for the problem.

The well, and the future, are drying up

Climate change from our reckless exploitation of nature has turned a time-honored source of water into dust for Moises Sandoval's family ranch. Unbelief and inaction in the face of nature's warnings will result in more losses, unless we have a change of heart.

New ministry offers care for the caregiver

"Nourish for Caregivers" offers emotional, spiritual and practical support to those who dedicate themselves to supporting the elderly and persons with disabilities, writes caregiver consultant Aimee Gustitis.

Blessed John Newman modeled courage, faith for today

Anyone who has met rejection for defending the truths of the Catholic faith can find comfort in the soon-to-be canonized English bishop, a convert to the faith. He knew everyone has a unique calling by God.

What country music can teach the church

The "three chords and the truth" artistry of a genre that developed in America's poor, rural areas speaks to the hearts of diverse people, writes Effie Caldarola. For that reason, liturgical music should take note.