Let us bring the quiet

Maureen Pratt suggests that to regain the sense of peace we so dearly want, we turn away from the flow of angry rhetoric, turn the phone off and, first, take a walk away from the noise.

Five overlooked moments for sharing faith

We often put God in boxes without realizing it, but his presence isn't limited to church. Laura Kelly Fanucci suggests families share God's word in the simple moments of a day, including car rides.

Facing the gloom of climate change, we have hope and solidarity

The destruction wreaked by Hurricane Ida, plus many other sobering facts of climate change, show life on this planet is changing profoundly. But the leaders of EcoPhilly are moving from despair to hope in unified climate action through a growing sense of community.

In praise of a rare breed, the pro-life Democrat

Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar cast the lone pro-life vote from his party against a bill touted by party leadership. It reminds us that aiding pregnant women or banning abortion is not a false choice. In fact, they mutually demand each other, writes Father Eric Banecker.

Heartbeat law misunderstood, unread by opponents

Amid the false accusations against Texas' new legislation, what risks being forgotten is a little heartbeat, trying to survive against powerful forces that want to stop it, writes Richard Doerflinger.

A hard time to find workers, and parish catechists

Parishes nationwide are struggling to recruit enough teachers for PREP programs, where training, money and appreciation are often scant, writes Hosffman Ospino. Now is the time to invest amply because catechists may hold the key to keeping the faith among millions of Catholics.

Catholic parenting: A lifelong process

As the parent of a good, kind and faithful young adult son, Mike Nelson believes it's how you live your life in the context of the Catholic faith that sets the tone for how your children live theirs, well into their own adulthood.

How do we respond to the anger in our nation?

Face masks seem to have brought out the anger in many people, Effie Caldarola observes. Negativity is contagious, but so is positivity, so she resolves to be the one who observes people around her and reacts with kindness.

Becoming what we receive, for better or worse

We can respond to anger and insult with more of the same, or we can become the Eucharist we receive -- the meaning of communion -- which by the gift of grace can change us little by little for the good, writes Mary Marrocco.

California takes a club to St. Serra

Junípero Serra cannot be condemned for events that occurred centuries before his birth, or decades after his death. But he is being scapegoated by California politicians who resent the Catholic Church's teachings and other issues, writes John Garvey.