Meeting of pope and Moscow patriarch a bad idea

A proposed meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill would have joined a religious leader and an instrument of Russian state power and done nothing for peace, writes George Weigel.

In times of war, ‘how many divisions has the pope?’

Recalling Stalin's scoff of spiritual power, a commentary suggests there are six actions Christians anywhere can take in the face of Russia's aggression in Ukraine. We can reject the belief that real power is found only at the end of a gun.

In the land of two chasms, local Catholic media is a bridge

America is marked not just by a political divide but also that of news consumption. In the church, polarization is best moderated by robust diocesan media, writes Greg Erlandson.

Pope’s call for worldwide synodal action is seed to be planted, nourished

The fruits of the process include a renewed "sense of common identity and mission as Catholics in the world," writes Texas Bishop Daniel Flores.

Evening news despair and Easter hope

This Easter comes when we need it more than ever, writes Greg Erlandson. Jesus, the man who healed the blind and the deaf, is risen. This night -- with its suffering of war shown globally on TV -- ends in dawn.

Queen of Peace vs. the lords of war

The young children of Hosffman Ospino ask if Wonder Woman will end war, as in a movie. He knows it's not that easy, but Catholics again are turning to the Blessed Mother for peace.

It’s springtime in the church, even as winter persists

The extended winter of weakened faith comes at the same time as signs of renewal in society and church, all pointing to the hope of the cross in Holy Week, writes Father Eric Banecker.

Love’s Day: Easter unwraps the gift of redemption

Deacon Jack Hasson of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia contemplates the resurrection of Jesus, and the call to participate in God’s divine plan to bring hope, life and love to others, to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Invasion of Ukraine spells out evil all too clearly

The cryptic battle symbol "Z," under which Russian forces have wrought bloodshed and devastation throughout Ukraine, marks a bitter historical irony -- and lessons still unlearned, writes Gina Christian.

Make Easter a time to renew hope for our imperiled Earth

Dan Misleh notes the madness of finding new sources of oil, rather than cutting consumption, as the warming climate threatens millions. The words of Holy Week and of young people give him hope for transformation.