Let nature give you a break when you’re burdened

Hikes, gardening or playing outside have helped Sarah Albanese and her family find joy amidst the turmoil of the past six months. Natural beauty has tremendous physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Conflict, confusion but little dialogue on abortion

Richard Doerflinger examines an in-depth survey that underscores the need for a more informed and sympathetic conversation about abortion in which we may understand more deeply our own convictions.

Meeting the growing demand for affordable senior housing

Heather Huot calls for increased financing to enable seniors to live with dignity and high quality of life through the affordable housing projects of the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Don’t vote for an idol, vote your conscience

Edith Avila Olea knows no presidential candidate or party is the answer to all our needs. Catholic voters must educating ourselves on this issues and not be pressured into voting one way or the other.

Why America is in accelerated political decay

A call to national unity next Jan. 20 will be impossible, writes George Weigel, without acknowledging fundamental truths of the human person, the moral life and the common good.

You don’t have to be wealthy to plan your legacy

Sarah Hanley of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia invites an expert to discuss planned giving as a way anyone can support a nonprofit, church or school.

Here come the elections — a time for love and humility

Two months of conflict ahead of the November elections can instead be a time of emptying ourselves, to be filled with the grace of God to love our brothers and sisters, writes Patrick Walsh.

The gift of hardship in our summer of discontent

During the pandemic God has given us graces, chief among them silence, and they are the building blocks of a renewed interior life and a restored society, writes Father Eric Banecker.

Visiting an open church is vital because we need sacred spaces

In a locked-down, baby-proofed world, open churches have never been more important, which is why a visit to Philadelphia's Catholic cathedral drove Elise Italiano Ureneck to tears of joy.

A man for Ireland, and for the world

John Hume, whose steadfast and courageous efforts led to the Northern Ireland peace process, died Aug. 3 -- but he left a legacy that the world needs more than ever, writes Gina Christian.