The perils of social and political isolation

Richard Doerflinger describes how Americans are gathering in tribes that nurture internal solidarity and contempt for other tribes. Our leaders become isolated from criticism, as with President Biden and the Hyde Amendment.

A little girl with a big message

One powerful witness to the sanctity of human life never spoke a word, but her silent testimony still echoes, writes Gina Christian.

Reclaim the dining room table as sacred space, not work space

Technology has distorted our sense of place which is deeply important, the place where we feel most human, writes Brett Robinson. Even now we must reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones over a meal.

Some questions about bishops’ statements

Father Thomas Dailey examines the kerfuffle over a bishop's statement on President Biden's inauguration to ask what a "statement" means in the digital age, and how one saint may show a better way.

Abortion on demand creates ‘brutal, inhumane’ world for all

Recent calls to radically expand access to abortion have deep roots in historical racism and eugenics, writes ethicist Steven Bozza, while building a culture of life offers justice and hope.

Renaming a New Orleans parkway is an act of justice

Shannen Dee Williams reveals the Catholic dimensions of the renaming of a highway to honor Norman C. Francis. His story reminds Americans of the fight against white supremacy in the U.S. and in the church.

Exhaustion meets new beginnings

Whether in the White House or Congress, churches or schools, offices or businesses, homes or in public, this is a time for Catholics to instill hope inspired in the best of our faith, writes Hosffman Ospino.

President Biden’s top priority must be healing

Our new president would do well not to rescind the Mexico City policy or push regulations that would require religious organizations to offer contraceptive coverage to their employees, argues a guest editorial.

Ave atque vale, Father Gus

Father Eric Banecker offers a fond farewell to the departed Augustinian priest beloved by many priests and seminarians. He radiated the joy of the Gospel, even in the humblest of circumstances.

History’s greatest inaugural speeches

Elise Italiano Ureneck looks at the inauguration speeches of three presidents -- Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy -- and one of Jesus, calling us to renewal and the most important truth.