Russia shows the real face of evil in its war on Ukraine

Divine revelation enables faithful to accurately discern evil, such as Russia's genocidal war in Ukraine -- and to respond with courage and justice, writes Gina Christian.

Expanding the circle of protection for those on death row

Although Catholic teaching rejects capital punishment, faithful in a divisive and highly political U.S. can often hold inconsistent views on the value of human life, writes Greg Erlandson.

Women in Philanthropy Forum: Gathering to give hope

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia will once again host its annual forum Oct. 26, building a community of charitable giving and empowering women as leaders, writes Sarah Hanley.

Busing migrants to states another reminder reform is ‘long overdue’

Programs to transport asylum-seekers from the southern U.S. border to other cities overlook the core issues of immigration and of Catholic social teaching, writes retired Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn.

Ukraine, a witness to true and lasting freedom

As it marked its 31st year of independence amid a brutal Russian invasion, Ukraine testifies -- at horrific cost -- to the eternal life Christ offers through his cross and resurrection, writes Gina Christian.

At Mass, Christ breaks open our hearts, that he might enter in

Liturgical reforms, spanning decades and debates, ultimately lead to a fuller understanding of Christ's wedding banquet, where the church is most fully herself, writes Father Eric Banecker.

Embracing simplicity amid economic hardship

Lean times can help us focus on the essentials, both material and otherwise, writes Elise Italiano Ureneck.

In Ukraine, a moral call to truth

Kremlin propaganda regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine violates the very purpose of language: to witness to the Truth itself, who is Jesus Christ, writes Gina Christian.

Summer stories of grace and giving in action

Throughout the area, the work of the Gospel is lived out in ministries made possible by supporters of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, writes Sarah Hanley.

A ‘right to contraception’ negates a right to be pro-life

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a number of lawmakers are rushing to pass legislation guaranteeing contraception access -- and trampling on religious freedom in the process, writes Richard Doerflinger.