Abortion puts spotlight on role of judges in America

Realizing how unwarranted Roe v. Wade is might be a good test for a judge's competence, even if abortion as a moral issue shouldn't be a litmus test for a Supreme Court justice, writes Richard Doerflinger.

What to expect when you’re not expecting a serious diagnosis

News of a life-changing illness can cause anxiety because we don't know what's to come. Maureen Pratt points to three realities to help one cope, built on the firm foundation of faith.

More eloquence please

These days we're saying more, but not saying it better, writes Father Eugene Hemrick. If our rhetoric is causing more divisions than understanding, we should look to the masters of words for balance.

God rested. Don’t we need the same?

Busy mom Laura Kelly Fanucci has three simple ways to find rest amidst the frantic rush of one must-do-task to the next. God created rest as a profound act of divine might and wisdom.

Collegians on mission trips pack an open mind, return with wider hearts

When Sister Mary Henrich travels to Peru with her Immaculata University students, she knows their work with young children and disabled students is helping them take the joy of the Gospel into the world.

Young adults leading the move toward mentoring

As family life and parish life continue to change, young adults need, and are calling for, one-on-one support in the spiritual life and practical tools for adulthood, writes Elise Italiano.

The law of a mother’s bonding versus civil law

Responding to immigration requires postmodern wisdom like never before, and Father Eugene Hemrick suggests we get our understanding of law and vital issues concerning life and family in better order.

This year skip the beach, try a mission trip as a family

Deacon Paul and Helen McBlain weigh a mom's desire for a trip to serve the poor and a dad's wish for seasonal R & R. They side with the benefits of family enrichment through an alternative vacation.

Along the 2,000-mile border, few things are black and white

In her travels along a section of the U.S.-Mexico border, Catholic journalist Rhina Guidos found few straight lines in a terrain where multiple lives, cultures and human experiences intersect.

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and the future of Roe v. Wade

According to America magazine, a reversal of the landmark case offers a chance to save lives from conception to natural death, and to "undo a moral and constitutional travesty."