Archbishop Chaput's column

Remembering a man of peace and conscience

Archbishop Charles Chaput advises Catholics learn a lesson in following a well-formed Christian conscience from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday is celebrated Jan. 16. King lamented lax Christians, and so should we.

Building a bridge to others

Christians can help build bridges to people of different convictions, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput, but only if we first adopt silence to hear God. So listen to music less, cut back on Facebook, and be ready to propose the truth to the world.

Christmas 2016

Surely this tired, divided and suffering world never needed Jesus more, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput in his column. Christmas is meant to invite the Christ Child into our hearts and recall that God became human to speak to us as one of us.

Guest column: Election year thoughts at Christmastime

Guest columnist Russell D. Moore, a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, advises that we be slow to judge our brothers and sisters for whomever they voted in the recent presidential election after an extraordinarily divisive campaign.

The public value of Catholic social witness

Archbishop Charles Chaput comments on a new report showing the $4.2 billion Catholic economic impact in Greater Philadelphia. The Catholic Church reaches out to persons in need without strings attached, but always with a deeper religious purpose.

The spirit of Thanksgiving and Advent

God has blessed Americans with a wide range of freedoms and extraordinary abundance, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. He links the anticipation of Advent, with a focus on Mary, to the work of Catholic social action ahead.

The right place to start

Donald Trump clearly connected with ordinary Americans and he won an open election fairly, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. We need to support Mr. Trump when he does the right thing, and resist him respectfully when he doesn't. But first we must start showing decency to strangers and immigrants.

About those unthinking, backward Catholics

Archbishop Charles Chaput writes about the revelation of anti-Catholic emails leaked from the Clinton election campaign. In a nation where “choice” is now the unofficial state religion, he writes, the menu for dinner is remarkably small.

A conference not to be missed

Archbishop Charles Chaput's column this week is a wholehearted commercial for one of the best gatherings on the archdiocesan calendar this year: the Philadelphia Catholic Women's Conference, coming Oct. 29 to Doylestown.

The purpose of an education

As students and teachers head back to school, Archbishop Charles Chaput writes that the ultimate purpose of Catholic schools is not to get students into a great university but to get them into heaven, their eternal destiny.