Archbishop Chaput's column

Domestic violence and our respect for life

Every October, we reaffirm the sanctity of human life, but it's also a time to focus on women and families suffering abuse at home, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. The Catholic Church offers a variety of resources that can raise awareness of this issue and offer healing.

Father James Martin and Catholic belief  

Archbishop Charles Chaput finds ambiguity in the popular Jesuit priest’s statements and activities on same-sex related issues, and offers five cautions for the Catholic faithful about his claims.

Items on the threshold of fall

September is a back to school, back to work, month as vacations end and life returns to normal. But this September is not normal because of two major events on the same day, as well as important books on the mind of Archbishop Chaput.

Some thoughts for late summer

It's not too late for summer reading, and Archbishop Charles Chaput suggests three books: on priestly celibacy, restoring America and the evil reality of Satan. Their lessons are too worthy to ignore.

Every woman: Unique and unrepeatable

Archbishop Charles Chaput invites all women to the Catholic Women's Conference Oct. 26 to reflect with their sisters in Christ on the mission for their lives, and how they were made for greatness.

Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton — and Columbine

In the wake of three mass shootings in the past two weeks, Archbishop Charles Chaput recalls his thoughts after the Columbine shootings in Colorado 20 years ago. He stands by his prescription for what America must do now.

The death penalty, again

More than half of surveyed Americans now support the death penalty for murder and similar crimes, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. But morality exists regardless of popular opinion, and killing persons in the name of justice is needless and wrong.

A new kind of sacrament

Presidential candidate Joe Biden's reversal of his position regarding the Hyde Amendment bows to the view that a right to abortion, once described as a necessity, is now a perverse kind of sacrament, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Holy Week and the Notre Dame fire

While the burned cathedral is undoubtedly a trial, what ultimately matters is not the signifier (the cathedral), but the signified (God’s glory) which remains forever fertile and will forever inspire those who long for it, writes a French Catholic guest columnist.

Benedict and the scandal

Archbishop Chaput sees echoes of an Italian Catholic philosopher's prophetic 1970 analysis with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's recent essay on the clergy sexual abuse crisis. Both insights plot a bold course ahead for the church and society.