The wages of net neutrality’s repeal can be fatal

It is not too big of a leap to say that the end of net neutrality is both lethal and fatal. Ask the California wildfire fighters.

‘BlacKkKlansman’ goes undercover into vicious world of racism

A mix of drama and satire, Spike Lee's adaptation of the bestselling book explores an African-American police officer's quest to infiltrate the inner circles of the white supremacist movement.

‘Eighth Grade’ shows pains of adolescence in honest, artful way

Though it may be uncomfortable for parents to watch along with their kids, the crafty coming-of-age story offers positive lessons of kids retaining their dignity and faith in a hookup culture.

Lego movies offer what serious most superhero films don’t: Fun

"Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman -- Rage of Atlantis" is a direct-to-video film that is colorful, funny, free of violence and profanity and features positive messages about family and the environment.

Book offers fresh ideas for decluttering the spiritual life

Too much stuff -- in the home and in the heart -- can get in the way of growth. A new book uses the teachings of the church, prayer and spiritual direction as the driving force for making room for God.

Catholic art teacher looks to God for calmness at Miss America pageant

Wonder Woman may have helped Joanna Wicks advance to the Miss America pageant, but the reigning Miss Delaware will rely on a higher power to help her stay calm during the competition.

‘Operation Finale’ shows surprising twist in hunt for Nazi: respect

The Israeli agent interrogating captured Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann (portrayed by Ben Kingsley) comes to see his enemy as a human being, even if "love one's enemies" isn't his goal.

Film recalls Pope John Paul II’s 1979 visit to Ireland, plea for peace

A new documentary, "John Paul II in Ireland: A Plea for Peace," makes the case that the pope's trip to Ireland in 1979 played a key role in ending the Troubles and bringing about peace in Northern Ireland.

‘Mile 22’ is not worth the trip

A sloppy mix of gunfire, explosions and profanity leads to nowhere in this espionage thriller starring Mark Wahlberg.

Sultans, commanders come to life in battles important to Catholics

Michael Greaney ties political, social and psychological factors into his riveting history of Turkish military incursions into Europe.