(CBS) There is an exhibition honoring the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History. {{more}}

“I feel that these great artists have done a remarkable job of capturing my husband’s spirit in their renderings in a way that touches the hearts of their viewers,” said Coretta Scott King, who was on hand for the opening of the exhibit, which is described as the first major celebration of Dr. King through the visual arts – paintings, photography and sculpture.

From works by well-known artists like Norman Rockwell, Jacob Lawrence and Faith Ringold, to lesser-known folk artists — all were inspired by the civil rights leader.

“I hope that they can see the spirit, the feelings that Dr. King went through, and just try to look forward to work for a better America,” says Sherman Watkins, who has done a series of paintings on Dr. King.

Organized by the Smithsonian Institution, the exhibit will travel to six cities over two years. The legacy of Martin Luther King Junior, through artists’ eyes.