By Lou Baldwin
Special to The CS&T

PHILADELPHIA – “Is there anything more precious than the life of a child?” Redemptorist Father Kevin Moley asked during the funeral Mass of Gina Marie Rosario at St. Peter the Apostle Church on June 18. “I think when we come to the death of a young girl of 7 it is overwhelming. When you deal with the death of three little girls and a mom it is extremely overwhelming.”

Gina Marie, along with Aayelah Griffin, 6, Remedy Smith, almost 1, and Remedy’s mother Latoya Smith were killed June 10 when an out-of-control car driven by an armed robbery suspect fleeing police slammed into them as the children played in their Feltonville neighborhood.

Father Moley had special words of sympathy for Gina’s mother Tammy Rosario, her father Luis Rosario and other relatives among the hundreds of mourners.

“I have no doubt Tammy, that this child of yours is alive in the kingdom of God,” Father Moley said in remarks translated into sign language because Tammy Rosario is deaf. “I know your tears, I know your pain, I know your loss. That is why all the people are here today. We are giving you more than flowers and dolls, we are giving you our prayers and our love. You are not alone.”

In an after-Mass reflection through a sign language interpreter, Tammy Rosario told the congregation, “The whole family loved Gina so much. She loved her school, her classmates, her teachers, her best friends forever. She enjoyed playing and our time together.

“Gina, we will always love and miss you and we will all be together again in heaven one day. Gina, you are my angel, and you will always be in my heart.”

Gina Marie’s interment was at Greenmount Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Lou Baldwin is a member of St. Leo Parish and a freelance writer.