By Msgr. Hugh J. Shields

In our office we have been blessed to get feedback from many of our elderly and others on the Sunday TV Mass in Spanish. The overriding sentiment is one of gratitude.

This Nov. 2 with Cardinal Justin Rigali celebrating the Mass, we commemorate one full year of collaboration with Telemundo and a list of inspaniduals and groups, in presenting the Sunday Mass in Spanish via TV. What an experience!

Jorge Fernandez and Clara Rivas (of Telemundo) began an informal discussion about a Spanish Mass on TV as an evangelization tool almost two years ago. And two years later we stand reviewing the many choirs, technicians, lectors, deacons, priests, Telemundo staff, Vicar for Hispanic Catholics staff, musicians, cathedral staff and many others who basically said: “We can make this work”(even without a budget for the project). And make it work they have.

Each Sunday for the past year, the celebration of the Eucharist, the proclamation of the Word, a short homily (no longer than three minutes … which contributes to the time pressure on the priests), beautiful voices and music – but most of all the Spanish Catholic community – has visited countless elderly, ill, shut-ins and many others in their own homes.

Wow .. and thank you! To our God above, and all who make this possible in saying so clearly to our audience: Jesus loves you, cares for you and wants to visit you via the Eucharist … in your home.

Msgr. Hugh Shields is the Vicar for Hispanic Catholics of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.