Green is the way to go these days, and if schools aren’t doing it how else will kids learn to get with the program?

At St. Athanasius-Immaculate Conception School in Northwest Philadelphia, more and more material is available electronically, cutting down on paper and reproduction and processing costs.{{more}}

“We’ve always put the school calendar and homework assignments on the computer; now we are putting the packets we send home on it too,” said St. Joseph Sister Joan Alminde, the school’s principal.

To make it work, of course, the parents and guardians have to have access to a computer, and the great majority of them do. For those who don’t, the school can send the material home on paper.

Thanks to support from the Connelly Foundation, the Home and School Association and interested alumni, the school has been able to commit more and more to computers; for example, access to teachers’ web sites and interconnection to the parish web site, and the families themselves can e-mail information back to the school.

“It saves a ton of time in printing and stuffing envelopes,” said school secretary Donna Mitchell.

The bigger picture, she believes, is also encouraging the children to become computer savvy. “It will prepare them for when they get to high school,” she said.

“I like the idea that the school is going green,” said Stephanie Young, who has a child in first grade at St. Athanasius-Immaculate Conception this year. “It’s convenient sending things electronically. It will help me to keep up with things.”

– Lou Baldwin