FEB. 10 – The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office issued a report of the Investigative Grand Jury earlier today concerning the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and matters related to sexual abuse of minors. {{more}} Since the report was just released this morning, the Archdiocese has not yet had the opportunity to review it and, therefore, I am not able to comment specifically on its contents. It is my intention to consider carefully and take very seriously any observations and recommendations of this Grand Jury. I also welcome the opportunity for ongoing collaboration with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in the vital work of protecting children.

At this moment, as people of faith we must reach out in compassion and support for one another and for all who are affected by this news. Victims of sexual abuse by clergy may find this news deeply painful. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. It is in this spirit that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is cooperating fully with the civil authorities in this and all related matters.

Through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we recommit ourselves to pray and to labor in His Spirit to do everything possible to rectify the injustices suffered by victims.