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Little more than 1 hour from start of procession for installation of Archbishop Chaput… some early scenes…

At corner of 18th & Race, by Cathedral, groups of young people armed with guitars & djembes (drums) are gathering.

Men in black suits with valises are to be seen for blocks around Cathedral. They’re priests with their vestments to celebrate Mass.Kevin Cook photo for the Catholic Standard & Times

Several groups of women are wearing a small wooden T cross on their identical white blouses…

The T is for Tau, a symbol for St. Francis, founder of the Francisco order of which the Archbishop is a member.

Seminarians from St. Charles Seminary are flanked in the lobby of the Arch office center, behind Cathedral. Ready to escort 100 bishops.

Bishops, archbishops & cardinals will vest in liturgical wear in building then process around block to cathedral…however…

About 70 to 100 striking Catholic high school teachers are picketing in front of building.

Bishops may have to cut tKevin Cook photo for the Catholic Standard & Timeshrough lines for procession. But with rain threatening, procession may go directly to cathedral in back.

Big crowd of approx 150 singing in Spanish at cathedral doors: neocatechumenal way. Lively in rain. Explains guitars & drums I saw earlier.

(1:32 p.m.) Cathedral almost full. Church holds 1200-1500, depending on who you ask.

(1:46 p.m.)  Procession beginning, on time. Choir singing Beethoven piece, Hallelujah.

(1:49) Processional croKevin Cook photo for the Catholic Standard & Timesss to lead procession waiting at sacristy door.

(1:51) Now procession starts, a version of Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy, arranged for Pope John Paul II’s Mass in NYC, 1995. 32 Knights of Columbus lead procession.

Approx 30 religious leaders from local Christian churches and the Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Young men in procession with black suits: new Seminarians who haven’t yet received their cassocks, the long black clerical garb.

Approximately 150 seminarians at St. Charles.

Permanent deacons follow, but only those assisting at the Mass. Scores with their wives in attendance.

(2:03)  Priests now numbering 400+ from Arch Phila, Denver, Rapid City, Franciscan &other orders.

(2:13) To add: first, more than 100 bishops. And a number of homeless folks slipping into church. Must be curious.

Bishops enter sanctuary, led by seminary faculty, regional vicar, arch judges, other priest administrators in Archdiocese. Abbot and Byzantine Ukrainian prelates too.

(2:19) Cardinals O’Malley, Mahoney, McCarrick, et al; Philadelphia active Auxiliary Bishops Timothy Senior, Daniel Thomas, John McIntyre, Michael Fitzgerald, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Cardinal Justin Rigali. Archbishop Chaput is on the right side of sanctuary, Cardinal Rigali at cathedra, or bishop’s chair, on right, after he incenses altar.

Cardinal carrying crozier that was Archbishop Prendergast’s, circa 1911. He welcomes everyone.

(2:24) Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI is read by Msgr. Jean-Francois Lantheaume, rep of apostolic nunciature, Vatican ambassador’s office to U.S.

(2:29) Chancellor, Msgr Gerald Mesure, shows letter to all priests from sanctuary … their tacit approval. Cardinal Rigali leads Archbishop Chaput to the cathedra. The Archbishop takes cathedra at 2:27 pm. It’s official…standing applause.

(2:35) Archbishop Chaput greets Auxiliary bishops and Msgr. Arthur Rodgers, rector of cathedral, with kiss of peace. He is greeting many representatives of diocese warmly at cathedra.

Include priests religious teachers families various cultures high school students, And my daughters, Samantha & Jessica Gambino, representing 53000 PREP students in diocese. No one prouder.

Archbishop Chaput had a little lengthier greeting with mayor Michael Nutter and DA Seth Williams. Very significant, given the current “troubles.”

Gloria is sung by choir and people, in Latin, the mother tongue of the Church. Archbishop Chaput sings opening prayer… nice singing voice.

1st reading by seminarian Jason Buck… Romans 8:28-30. Gospel: Matthew 1:-18-22 proclaimed. After Gospel, Archbishop Chaput’s homily (delivered from the cathedra). Seen as a new archbishop’s vision statement going forward.

This installation mass “like a very big wedding” It’s an “arranged marriage” … arranged by the pope. Bishop and people like a marriage learn about one another, grow together, be fruitful for the new evangelization.

Quoting from st. Augustine re: role of bishops…

“a time of turmoil in the church, especially in Philadelphia”…

We need to follow example of Mary & Joseph & trust in God…

Church in Phila. faces many challenges, but  Church not defined by failures …

We are not defined by critics …

See each other as gifts …

Everything I’ve learned & everything I have I will give to you…because you deserve it & because I love you.

(At end of homily) standing ovation from all.

(The full homily is posted on this web site.)

Cathedral seems to be struggling. Lights have dimmed many times. It’s hot,  folks are getting ill. AC struggling.

Cardinal Rigali is concelebrating at the altar. There was a question about that.

A row of six candlebearers line the front of the sanctuary by the altar rail. Impressive.

Archbishop Chaput is consecrating the Eucharist.

Archbishop Jose Gomez of los Angeles, Cardinal McCarrick, retired archbishop of D.C., and Cardinal Roger Mahony, retired archbishop of Los Angeles, also concelebrating the Mass.

Christ is with us, Archbishop Chaput said in his homily, truly now is present in His body & blood, in the Eucharist.

Distribution of Communion begins. Bishops come to altar and take Communion first. Communion chant lovely. Gregory chant in English, choir in Latin. Next, the beautiful Gift of Finest Wheat, great arrangement. Written by Robert Kreutz, commissioned by the Philadelphia Archdiocese for 1976 International Eucharistic Congress in the city.

Thoughts and prayers feel joined with those priests, religious and lay people not present in the cathedral physically. Confident all are joined spiritually as this congregation shares in Christ’s body & blood at the Eucharistic table.

Communion went very smoothly, probably 15 mins.

A mother & 2 young girls (hers?) present gifts, flowers and boxed gift, to Archbishop Chaput.

(4:05 p.m.) Prayer after communion sung by Archbishop Chaput.

(In closing remarks) Archbishop give thanks to all, esp, friends and family members. “A great adventure begins. Let us go in God’s peace.”

Majestic, people praising God in song together.