CatholicPhilly and Google Currents have teamed up to bring to your mobile device. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet, Google Currents presents CatholicPhilly in an attractive magazine-like format.

What is Google Currents?




It’s a FREE newsreader app developed by Google that publishes digital editions of hundreds of publications such as Forbes, ABC News and CBS Sports. All editions are optimized for whatever mobile device you use.

Why read CatholicPhilly on Google Currents?

Since mobile devices come in all shapes, sizes and platforms, it can be challenging to develop the best reading experience for all mobile users. The CatholicPhilly Currents edition ensures the very best experience no matter what mobile device you have, thanks to its clean and simple interface. Here are some examples:

Is it expensive or difficult to subscribe?

No, downloading Google Currents and subscribing to the CatholicPhilly edition is completely FREE! And, you can be reading CatholicPhilly on your mobile device is less than 5 minutes with 2 easy steps:

1.)    Download the free Google Currents app from your device’s app store or just click here from your mobile device.

2.)    Once Google Currents is installed on your device just click HERE from your mobile device to subscribe to CatholicPhilly.