The Varsity Mathletes brought high honors to Archbishop Ryan on April 15 when they captured the Archdiocesan Championship.  The Ryan Mathletes owe another stellar season to the strong leadership of Senior Co-Captains, Claire Nguyen and Ian Smith, and to the consistent high scoring of seniors Anthony Carradorini, Akash Patel, Andrew Lenherr, James Nixon, and juniors Craig Carr, Matthew Brady, Frank Fang and Tarmily Wen.  In fact, Nguyen, Lenherr, Nixon, Brady, Fang and Wen earned perfect scores to pull off the resounding victory.    Devon Prep captured second place among the top nine archdiocesan schools competing for the title.  The Ryan team is coached by Sister Alice Hess, I.H.M.

On Monday, April 29, the best of the Archdiocesan Schools will go against the best of the Public Schools at Washington High School on Bustleton Avenue in North Philadelphia.  In that competition the Ryan Teams will be joined by top Mathletes from Devon Prep, Shanahan and Merion Mercy.