With 142 young men graduating with a diploma and career technical education certificate, St. Gabriel’s System is marking the most graduates since 1985.

The system, an agency of Catholic Social Services (CSS) of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, saw only 57 graduates in 2007.

Officials attribute the rise to the tracking of court-adjudicated young men and boys who have completed the residential program at St. Gabriel’s Hall in Audubon and to the investments made in a night school, which gives students more options to further their education.


St. Gabriel’s own tracking data showed that young men with diplomas and certifications were more likely to continue their education elsewhere, gain employment and avoid immediate incarceration.

“Our research has shown us that youths in possession of a diploma and a career technical education certificate were much less likely to be rearrested,” said Joe Lavoritano, executive director of St. Gabriel’s System. “We used this data and placed an emphasis on obtaining that diploma and certification. Since we made this a priority, the results have been outstanding.”

Partnering with Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training Alliance (PACTT), St. Gabriel’s Hall has developed a quality academic curriculum aligned with state standards and fully integrated with career technical training. The combination of academics and vocational training has helped students become more employable.

St. Gabriel’s System is a multi-service agency of the Archdiocese, within CSS Youth Services, that provides residential and community-based services for court-adjudicated delinquent youth between 10 and 19 years old. Learn more about the agency at its website.