Pope Francis

Catholic Communicators Must Help People Overcome Divisions, Pope Says

A television or radio network that calls itself Catholic must help people overcome their prejudices, seek the truth with charity and build bridges between people, Pope Francis said.

Pope Calls For Global Cease-Fire; Says Humanity Is On Brink Of Abyss

Today's wars and conflicts have put humanity on the brink of the abyss, Pope Francis said, calling for a worldwide cease-fire.

Pope Says Document On Blessings Makes Clear That The Gospel Is For All

Making a list of which sinners are welcome in the church and which sinners are not goes against the teaching of the Gospel, Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper.

Say ‘No’ To Evil Temptations Before They Enslave The Soul, Pope Says

Addictions, fear, impossible perfectionism, consumerism and the inability to choose and love life are just some of the traps the devil uses to take away people's freedom, Pope Francis said.

Love Is The Only Path to Christian Unity, Pope Says

Divided Christians will draw closer to one another only by loving God and loving their neighbors, serving one another and not pointing fingers in blame for past faults, Pope Francis said.

Blessings Are Signs Of Church’s Closeness, Pope Says

Blessings, faith, human dignity, and evangelization were the top topics when Pope Francis met with members of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on the last day of their annual plenary assembly.

Pope: Proper Use of AI Requires Human Wisdom, Human Heart

While artificial intelligence can be a formidable tool to facilitate communication and exchange information, it cannot provide the uniquely human wisdom needed to promote the good of people and their communities, Pope Francis said.

Pope: Remembering The Holocaust Reminds People Hatred Is Never Justified

Pope Francis highlighted the importance of remembering and condemning the horror of the Holocaust, underlining that hatred and violence can never be justified.

Be Generous With Others; Greed Is A Sickness, Pope Says At Audience

It is easy to believe one is the master of everything one owns, Pope Francis said, but often the opposite happens and one's possessions "take possession of us."

Spiritual Oasis: Year Of Prayer A Needed Rest Stop On Journey To Jubilee

With little fanfare, Pope Francis officially opened the Year of Prayer after Mass for the church's celebration of Sunday of the Word of God.