Presentation B.V.M. School in Cheltenham installed more than 30 student leaders at a ceremony Oct. 31. The young people will play vital roles in leading their classmates and school community throughout the year. Each one has a unique leadership quality to contribute to the various groups they are representing. 

Some of the eighth graders are keeping little ones out of harm’s way by serving as Safeties. Other student leaders in grades four through eight are members of the Student Council, who take the initiative in creating and implementing a wide variety of activities for their school.

Another group of students, the Tech Reps, assists with the technology tasks in the school.

Lastly, Presentation installed a group of boys and girls to serve as Mission Reps who lead by coordinating service projects for the school community.

Presentation B.V.M. School is located at 105 Old Soldiers Road, Cheltenham.