Like many couples, when Betsy and John Scafidi had trouble conceiving, they found true hope and healing with NaProTechnology.

The couple married in October of 2004, but did not conceive their first child until 2012. “Just after Thanksgiving we learned that twelve weeks into our first pregnancy our baby had no heat beat,” said Betsy. “Our doctor at the time told us that this just happens and there was probably no reason, which I never really understood.”

It was then that they turned to Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnologyunder the suggestion of their friend who happened to be an Archdiocesan priest. They met with Barbara Rose, nurse practitioner and fertility care practitioner who taught them the Creighton Model FertilityCare system which utilizes NaPro Technology.

“I was resistant to even look into the Creighton Model at first because we had always used the sympto-thermal method and I didn’t think there could possibly be a difference. However, the continued heartbreak of an incomplete family month after month changed my mind,” Betsy said.

Barbara referred the couple to Dr. Jean Golden Tevald of  MorningStar  Family Health who diagnosed the root cause of the infertility, a hormonal imbalance. Along with careful, daily charting, Betsy went through a series of blood work and ultra sounds to diagnose the underlying cause of their infertility. ”

For the first time in my life I felt like a part of my medical team, not just the subject of it,” Betsy recalled. “Dr. Jean and her staff took the time to explain everything to us from the numbers in the bloodwork to the images we saw on the ultrasounds.” After all of the data was collected it was clear that although Betsy’s progesterone was within normal range, her estrogen level was clearly elevated. The difference between the two was a concern, and could potentially lead to future miscarriage.

Within four months of their first visit to Dr. Jean, John and Betsy conceived and were instructed in treatment and monitoring to help them have a successful pregnancy and birth. For the first two months Betsy needed progesterone shots twice a week. This was then reduced to once a week and by late October of that year she was getting bloodwork down once a month to be sure everything was still within the expected range.

Now, the Scafidi’s are enjoying the blessing of their son Dominic, who just turned one in May.

“I am so thankful for NaPro Technology,” said Betsy. “We went through the darkest time of our lives with the loss of our first baby, but learning about NaPro and FertilityCare has been a great gift from this sad event. We want to take the opportunity to tell as many people as we can that there are answers to infertility and early loss. Many early losses can be avoided with the help of charting with the Creighton model and a trained NaPro physician, and no one should accept the answer, ‘that just happens sometimes.'”

St. Andrew Church in Newtown will host a NaPro presentation tonight, Thursday June 18.

NaPro Technology-trained ob/gyn physician, Dr. Monique Ruberu,  will present “NaPro Technology: A Quiet Revolution,” a new film that explains the viable alternative to birth control and treatment for women’s health problems.  The 25-minute film takes a look at the new women’s health science of  NaProTechnology.

The event is co-sponsored by the Friends of FertilityCare – Philadelphia and St. Andrew’s. To learn more or to register for this event, go to