The nine days of prayer dedicated to St. Anne came to a conclusion with a Mass for the closing of the annual novena Sunday, July 26 at St. Anne Church in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond section. Father Edward Brady, the parish’s pastor, hosted the celebration led by Auxiliary Bishop Michael Fitzgerald for parishioners and guests in honor of the saintly mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Photos by Sarah Webb)

The lights are turned out for exposition, the church is illuminated by the beautiful stain glass windows

The lights of the church are turned out for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament as the church is illuminated by the evening sun through the church’s beautiful stained glass windows.

Ashley Cadet

Ashley Cadet prays a prayer during the liturgy.

Beatrice Jones from West Depford NJ

Beatrice Jones from West Deptford, N.J.



The church features a statue of St. Anne with her daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary.






Ann Lynch from St Matthew Parish

Ann Lynch from St. Matthew Parish.

lector- Maryanne Yeager

Lector Maryanne Yeager proclaims the Word of God.


Homily- Fr. Livinus Ugochukwu

Father Livinus Ugochukwu preaches the homily.


pastor Fr Ed Brady distributes communion

Father Edward Brady, St. Anne Parish’s pastor, distributes Communion.

Valerie Malcolm from St Anne parish prays

St. Anne parishioner Valerie Malcolm prays during the liturgy.

All lights are off except for the light illuminating the St Anne statue

All lights in the church are turned off except for a light illuminating the St. Anne statue.

pastor Fr Ed Brady

Father Ed Brady speaks to the congregation.


Robert Hager parishioner of St Anne prays during the novena

Parishioner Robert Hager prays during the novena.

David Gosik prays along with his step-mother Kimberly and father Kevin

David Gosik, left, prays along with his stepmother Kimberly and father Kevin.

Ashley Cadet prays along with her family and neighbor

Ashley Cadet, right, prays along with her family and neighbors.

Deacon Gerard J. McPhillips

Deacon Gerard J. McPhillips proclaims the Gospel.

Graham Healy and family friend Nick Dowdle (who is visiting from out of town) hold hands as they pray

Graham Healy (left) and family friend Nick Dowdle (who is visiting from out of town) hold hands as they pray the Lord’s Prayer.




Bishop Michael Fitzgerald carries the Blessed Sacrament in a procession through St. Anne Church during the liturgy that closed the annual novena to the saint.