The eighth grade class of St. Joseph/St. Robert School in Warrington attended their graduation Mass on June 8. After the Mass, several awards and certificates were presented, including the following:

Award for Excellence in Religion: Matthew McGlinchey and Nicole Chesla

St. Joseph/St. Robert Home and School Association Award for the Highest General Average: Nicole Chesla, Dylan Huegel and Matt McGlinchey

St. Joseph Pastor Award for “Spirit”: Andrew Dachowski and Katlynn Razler

St. Robert Pastor Award for “Spirit”: Matthew McGlinchey and Amanda Messina

McMullen Scholarship Grant: Shannon McDevitt and Kelly Schoener

Mary Tecce Service Award: Amanda Messina

Knights of Columbus Award: Mary Frattara, Shannon McDevitt and Kelly Schoener

Presidential Educational Award for Excellence (GPA of 90 or above from fourth to eighth grade and 90 or above on standardized testing): Isabella Balint, Nicole Chesla, Mary Frattara, Dylan Huegel, Matthew McGlinchey, Amanda Messina, Kelly Schoener and Michael Waltrich

Presidential Educational Award for Achievement (GPA of 90 or above from fourth to eighth grade and 85 or above on standardized testing): Andrew Dachowski and Makenzy Sanford

National Catholic Band Director’s Award: Andrew Dachowski

American Citizenship Award: Isabella Balint, Dylan Huegel and Aimee Townsend

Perfect Attendance Certificate for the 2015-2016 school year: Isabella Balint and Katlynn Razler

CYO Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Dachowski and Kelly Schoener

Other scholarships included:

Archbishop Wood High School Tuition Scholarship: Nicole Chesla, Amanda Messina and Michael Waltrich

Archdiocesean Maguire Scholarship to Lansdale Catholic High School: Daniel Dutkiewicz

Patricia and Charles Fogel Scholarship to Archbishop Wood: Mary Frattara and Amanda Messina