Priests of the Philadelphia Archdiocese have elected four new deans to serve the respective deaneries in which they currently serve as pastor, it was announced Aug. 29. Archdiocesan parishes are organized into 12 geographic regions, or deaneries, of the archdiocese.

In the list below, newly elected deans are in bold:

Father Joseph M. Corley: Deanery 1
Msgr. Hans A.L. Brouwers: Deanery 2
Father Michael J. Fitzpatrick: Deanery 3
Msgr. Thomas M. Mullin: Deanery 4
Msgr. Joseph J. Nicolo: Deanery 5
Father Martin T. Cioppi: Deanery 6
Msgr. Charles P. Vance: Deanery 7
Father Joseph J. Kelley: Deanery 8
Msgr. Federico A. Britto: Deanery 9
Msgr. John C. Marine: Deanery 10
Father John F. Babowitch: Deanery 11
Msgr. Joseph J. Anderlonis: Deanery 12

Elections for the archdiocesan Council of Priests has also concluded. Father Sean P. English has been elected to represent parochial vicars, and Father William F. Waters, O.S.A., to represent religious priests.