Physically, spiritually and emotionally, prayer and faith in God have real benefits for your health. Explore the spiritual connections to the body in this package of stories from our partner, Catholic News Service.


Prayer, faith and good health: They absolutely go together
Many scientific studies have shown better mental and physical health, longer life and quicker recovery from sickness — thanks to prayer and spirituality. Attending weekly religious services offers a beneficial support system.

Divine connection: The positive effects of prayer on health
An Episcopalian minister and doctor draws the connections from a person’s bad medical diagnosis to reliance on one’s relationship with God to a focus on healing, and “accepting what God has in store for us.”

Unite prayer and exercise, says founder of Christian fitness program
The exercises focus mainly on a person’s core, which strengthens the foundation of the whole body. Christian prayer poses are incorporated, such as bowing with hands together, genuflecting or lying prostrate.