Fasting from something is not an end in itself. Fasting points beyond itself. It focuses our attention on the reality of God’s presence here and now. Learn more about the traditional Lenten practice in our series from our partner Catholic News Service.


Why fasting is a paradox
Fasting is not a passive action for Christians, something simply to undergo or suffer through. It is meant to set the wheels of the mind and spirit into motion, and to reawaken us to the unresolved challenges in our lives.

It’s Friday during Lent. What’s for dinner?
Fussy kids in Kelly Bothum’s home make dinner a nightly debate, except during Lent when it’s an easy choice: cheese pizza. But there are deeper lessons than meatless meals for kids to consider.

Going on a fast for atonement and preparation
Fasting has biblical roots from the early days of Israel. It was practiced by Jesus, picked up by the early Christians and is still practiced by Christians today, mostly during the season of Lent.