This Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion presents the account from the Gospel of Matthew of the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. Our package of stories from partner Catholic News Service looks into the symbols and lessons from the day that may be overlooked in the shouts of joy and cries of sorrow that mark the narrative.


What ‘Hosanna in the highest’ really means
A catechist explains why the crowd described in St. Matthew’s Gospel would shout “hosanna” to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. In one richly packed word, it proclaims that our prayers for the Messiah have been answered.

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem fulfills Old Testament prophecy
Pope Benedict XVI points out the significance of symbols from the Passion — such as Jesus riding on a colt — that may be missed by most Christians today but which help us draw deeper into the mystery.

Discovering real treasure in the crucifixion of Jesus
Mike Nelson knows joy and pain. Since becoming Catholic, the church has been the cause of both emotions for him. The Passion story helps him realize he cannot hold on to grief and anger, but instead to embrace discipleship in Jesus.