There is an ever-growing “food culture” today. The constant barrage of food advertisements, blogs and television shows fuel a “food obsession.” Yet food connects us to our beliefs, communities and ancestors. In this package from Catholic News Service, we dig into the lessons of a shared meal in the Bible and among families, and trace the spiritual significance of our daily bread.

A Catholic take on food culture
Food connects us to our beliefs, our communities, our ancestors. Throughout history humans have made food central to human celebration and socialization. Still, we hunger for the Bread of Life.

When a Catholic foodie isn’t eating, he’s talking about eating
Sharing a meal is “one of the most intimate acts you can have,” says Catholic food blogger Jeff Young. From the Bible to his grandparents’ house to his own, he sees the power of the dinner table.

Food in Scripture: A sign of God’s love and steadfastness
Food can be misused just as any earthly good can. It is not misused if we recognize it as a gift from God: an opportunity to be giving, to make sacrifice, to grow in holiness.