Catechetical Sunday will be celebrated this Sunday, Sept. 17, a day to reflect on the vital role of catechists — those who teach the faith in the name of the Church.

As they are commissioned for their ministry, all the faithful are reminded of our common vocation, by virtue of baptism, to know and live the faith and to bear witness to the Gospel. This package of resources by Catholic News Service shows how each of us can share Christ’s love with everyone.

On a mission from God — Get fired up like the early Christians
Enlightened by the Holy Spirit, the first disciples brought the good news of Christ to the world. See three simple ways you too can be a missionary disciple in today’s world.

Get creative — start a ministry and build community
Evangelization often calls for thinking outside the box — or the barrel, as in the Catholic Beer Club. Identify a community need, such as single people feeling they don’t belong, and respond to it, parish leaders say.

Pope Francis invites each of us to become missionary disciples
In “The Joy of the Gospel,” the faithful are called to radically share the love of Christ in everyday life. Our journey begins with baptism and continues throughout the places and relationships of our daily lives.