Jamie Grivas, implementation manager for the financial education program offered by Customers Bank, calls on a Roman Catholic High School student during a session at the school Oct. 23.

Students at Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia learned about personal finance on Oct. 23 through a program by Customers Bank for 90 ninth graders.

The community bank’s free education program uses video gaming environments and Twitter-like messaging tools and videos to teach students at their own pace in nine 40-45 minute sessions.

The interactive animations help teach topics such as filling out the FAFSA college financial aid form, understanding a pay stub and buying a car.

“Financial education and literacy are the fuel that will empower the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, community leaders, parents, teachers, consumers and more,” said Richard Ehst, president and chief operating officer of Customers Bank.

The Wyomissing, Pa.-based bank is “investing in the long-term economic success of our communities” through the program.

Roman Catholic High School students in teacher Charles McNulty’s freshman class get competitive during a round of “financial jeopardy,” part of a financial literacy program Oct. 23 at the archdiocesan school in center city Philadelphia. Oct. 23.