St. Jude School’s Student Council officers were inducted after a school Mass in St. Jude Church Sept. 22.

“Celebrating Kindness” was the theme of this year’s Mercy Day at St. Jude School in Chalfont.

Opening the 2017-2018 school year with an increased enrollment totaling 364 students, St. Jude School students from preschool through eighth grade gave of themselves while enjoying a little time off from their studies on Friday, Sept. 22.

Upper- and lower-grade buddies at St. Jude School together made cards for the Sisters of Mercy at the school.

The day began with the first school Mass of the new school year, which included the installation of the 2017-2018 Student Council and safeties, who will serve the school community by keeping students safe and by informing them of school events and activities.

The students also created beautiful artwork with their buddy classes to thank the Sisters of Mercy who have served at St. Jude School since its beginning in 1963.

The kindness continued throughout the day as the students collected and counted pennies as part of their annual Penny Race. This year the money will go to the Mercy missions and to help the recent hurricane victims.

Young students and their teacher prepare for the Penny Race fundraiser at St. Jude School, Chalfont, Sept. 22.