The second, third and fourth graders of Holy Cross Regional Catholic School, Collegeville, never fail to impress with their annual Christmas show held Monday evening, Dec. 11 at St. Eleanor Church.

This year, the students retold the Christmas story from the perspective of the stable animals in “Cock-a-Doodle Christmas.” There were sheep, cows, pigs and roosters galore, each playing a special part in the Christmas story.

The cows asked for bells, the pigs ribbons for their tails, the roosters a bow tie and the sheep leg warmers. But as the angels announced the most precious gift, and the shepherds and wise men came to see the baby lying in the manger, everyone understood the best gift of Christmas is Baby Jesus.

The farm animals rejoiced and led the whole church in the singing of “Joy to the World.”

The children of Holy Cross, led by music teacher Amanda Casey, captured the reason for the season.