A new catechetical series of stories on the Catholic sacraments by our partner Catholic News Service continues with reconciliation, which brings God’s mercy and forgiveness into our lives.

This sacrament enables us to break free of our sins, which we confess to Christ through the person of the priest. The absolution we receive cleanses our souls, and restores us to God and to his church.

The biblical basis for the sacrament of reconciliation
Throughout all of Scripture, God calls us to forsake our sinfulness and to return to him. In Christ, this call to restoration is made perfect — and possible.

Been away from confession? God’s mercy still calls
Many adults shy away from the sacrament of reconciliation out of fear and shame. Yet the healing offered by this grace-filled encounter with God’s mercy is profound.

Regular trips to the confessional wash away the build-up of sin
Just as you routinely see a dentist to keep your teeth healthy, frequent reception of the sacrament of reconciliation cleanses your soul, restoring it through God’s mercy.