Lent is a time to delve deeply into our lives during this season of penance and to give a thorough look at what our values are and how we live them out each day. Learn about this way of living “within the dialogue of salvation,” as the church has done since its earliest days, in this series on repentance from our partner, Catholic News Service.

Our response to the Father’s love and forgiveness
Repentance is an encounter with an honest assessment of ourselves and a deep trust in what God can do in us, for he is always reaching for us. It is a process, something we return to over and over again.

Prayer of repentance
Lent presents Catholics with an opportunity and an obligation to examine where their lives are modeling the Lord’s example and where they are failing to help bring about the kingdom of God.

Repentance in the early church
For the first 800 years of the church, those who had fallen into grave sin, which was abnormal, would for a prolonged period seek the prayers of the community. Sins were confessed to the bishop, but penance was a public affair.