Numerous polls — and a quick glance around the pews — show that Mass attendance in the U.S. has decreased significantly over the past several decades.

The reasons for this decline are complex and challenging, and deserve prayerful study if churches hope to reach those who no longer feel engaged by faith in Christ.

Some parishes, which are experiencing vibrant growth, can provide inspiration and practical guidance in this effort.

Our partner Catholic News Service offers this set of articles on how parishes can transform empty pews into full hearts of faith.

Mass attendance is down, again — but among whom?
An ongoing Gallup poll has long tracked the decline, which is more complex than mere numbers suggest. However, the solution is relatively straightforward, if we choose to live out our calling as Catholics.

Some parishes across U.S. show growth, enthusiasm among members
Despite a national decline in Mass attendance, several growing congregations offer both hope and insight for evangelization.

How to increase Mass attendance
While the reasons people do (or don’t) come to church aren’t always clear, parishes can take practical steps to make Sunday liturgies more inviting.