At a time of pressures and conflicts in busy families immersed in the digital age, this package of resources below from our partner Catholic News Service can help Catholics, and anyone, deepen their relationship with the Lord through this time-tested devotion. If it’s been a while since you’ve prayed the rosary, here’s a refresher video by a Dominican sister easily guiding the way:

Five reasons the rosary is the perfect prayer for families
The rosary is simple and tactile, it brings peace and, through story, mirrors the rhythms of daily family life, writes Gretchen Crowe. No better prayer is suited to family life than the rosary.

Too distracted to pray the rosary?
In the digital age of rapidly shortening attention spans, distractions can easily crop up when praying the rosary. But it’s still the most user-friendly way to find tweet-sized signposts toward Jesus through Mary.