Event Name

Spirituality Under the Dome


Event Location

Alumnae Hall, Immaculata University


Start Date and Time:

Saturday, April 6, 2019 8:30- 12noon


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Event Description

Morning nurturing your spirituality with Anne Kertz Kernion on “Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA. Anne is the owner/artist of Cards by Anne, an inspirational card company founded in 1986. Anne is a frequent lecturer and retreat leader, presenting topics that combine neuroscience and spirituality.

Our spiritual habits affect our physical and emotional health in a variety of ways. By exploring recent findings in neuroscience and the Catholic contemplative tradition and its practices, we’ll discover how we can slow aging in our cells, maintain the health of our bodies and brains and reduce stress. This multimedia presentation will both enlighten and encourage you on your spiritual journey.


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