The Chester County March for Life will take place Saturday, June 5 with events mourning 25 years of abortion at Planned Parenthood in West Chester.

Auxiliary Bishop John McIntyre will celebrate Mass at 9 a.m. at Agnes Church in West Chester. At the same time services will be held at Christ Church at 200 South Church Street in the borough.

At 10:15 participants will march to the Planned Parenthood facility and pray there until 10:30, when they will march to the Chester County Courthouse in the borough.

They will hear notable speakers including Kathy Barnette, a conservative commentator, service veteran and author; state House Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, Republican of central Pennsylvania and sponsor of the House’s heartbeat bill, HB 1977; Pete DeMaio of Pennsylvanians for Human Life; Dominic Sceski of Generation Life and a pro-life and chastity educator; and Pastor Joseph Stigora of Covenant Fellowship Church.

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The march is sponsored by the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition.