Maria P. Santone, a parishioner of St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield, Delaware County, composed the following poem:


“It’s a wonderful life! (Our resurrection)”

Thank you all for whatever your part
in the memorable Easter of Our Resurrection;
With sincere appreciation from my humble heart
for the delectable food you prepared to perfection.

The Liturgy, the flowers, the messages and all,
brimming with inspiration, joy and surprise;
Surpassing all Easters that I could recall,
a Feast day that others at best fantasize.

And daily, I duly thank God for my Blessings —
my family, faith, health and friends at the top;
Be proud of your toil and skilled manifestings
as you share your God-given gifts — never stop!

We endured a pandemic and unrest in our nation,
tragedies and distancing from folks for a year;
Behold, arrive vaccines bringing hope, celebration,
and joyful reunions of families are here!

Our Resurrection from all the anxiety is real,
remember that after the darkness comes light;
Let us Pray for our homeland and people to heal,
and hope for a future that’s peaceful and bright.

So smile, do your best, don’t expect a reward …
we’ll have disappointments, struggles and strife;
Have faith, hope, love — and trust in the Lord,
and you will be singing — IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!