Sister Maria Antonieta Garcia-Nicoletti, I.H.M.

Sister Maria Antonieta Garcia-Nicoletti, I.H.M. died Oct. 31 from complications of cancer in Lima, Peru at age 82 in the 62nd year of her religious life.

She was the daughter of Pedro Garcia Paniaqua and Antonieta Nicoletti of Lima, Peru. She attended Villa Maria Academy from which she graduated in 1956. Later, while in the I.H.M. community, earned degrees from Immaculata College and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Del Peru.

She the congregation in 1960 and pronounced her first vows in 1962.

Sister Antonieta’s full-time teaching ministry began in the fall of 1962 and most of her service was in South America. She did teach briefly at St. David School in Willow Grove.

After 59 years of ministry, Sister Antonieta served her I.H.M. community at Immaculado Corazon in Lima for 10 years as an office assistant.

The funeral Mass was celebrated Nov. 3 by Father Beto Mueller, S.M., the pastor of Santa Maria Reina Parish, a friend of Sister Antonieta and a friend of the I.H.M. congregation.

Sister Teresa Catherine Walsh and Sister Regina Matulka flew to Peru to represent the sisters in North America.

On Nov. 6 Father Raul Maravi, O.Carm. celebrated Mass before Sister Antonieta’s cremains were buried in the I.H.M. Cemetery in La Planicie, Peru.