On Dec. 1 Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez along with the new regional Deans of the archdiocese joined together for their first meeting of the College of Deans. The new Deans became active Nov. 27.

The regional Deans assist the Archbishop by sharing in the pastoral care and governance of our local Church. They do so in dedicated geographic areas called Deaneries.

Each Dean is responsible to and works most closely with the auxiliary bishop who acts as the Archbishop’s liaison to their Episcopal Region.

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“Please join me in prayerful gratitude for the priests who are serving as deans in addition to their daily responsibilities in their home parishes,” said Archbishop Pérez. “May their work bear much fruit for our Church!”

Episcopal Region I

Episcopal Vicar: Bishop John McIntyre


Deanery 1: Eastern Delaware County                                   Reverend Thomas Whittingham

Deanery 2: Western Delaware County                                 Monsignor Michael Matz

Deanery 3: Western Chester County/Oxford                      Reverend Joseph Shenosky

Deanery 4: Northern Chester County                                   Reverend Stephen Leva

Episcopal Region II

Episcopal Vicar: Bishop Timothy Senior


Deanery 5: Western Montgomery County                         Monsignor Charles Sangermano

Deanery 6: Main Line, Bridgeport, Roxborough              Monsignor Kevin Lawrence

Deanery 7: Eastern Montgomery County and                   Monsignor Joseph Duncan
Northwest Philadelphia

Deanery 8:  South Philadelphia and                                    Reverend Joseph Kelley
Northern Liberties

Deanery 9: West Philadelphia and                                       Monsignor Federico Britto
Center City

Episcopal Region III

Episcopal Vicar: Bishop Michael Fitzgerald

Deanery 10:  Central & Upper Bucks County                       Monsignor John Marine

Deanery 11: Upper Northeast Philadelphia and                  Monsignor Joseph Prior
Lower Bucks County

Deanery 12: Lower Northeast Philadelphia                          Reverend Thomas Higgins

Hispanic Catholics

Episcopal Vicar: Bishop Edward Deliman

Deanery 13: Hispanic Catholics                                              Reverend Francisco D’Amico