Archbishop Chaput's column

A new kind of sacrament

Presidential candidate Joe Biden's reversal of his position regarding the Hyde Amendment bows to the view that a right to abortion, once described as a necessity, is now a perverse kind of sacrament, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Holy Week and the Notre Dame fire

While the burned cathedral is undoubtedly a trial, what ultimately matters is not the signifier (the cathedral), but the signified (God’s glory) which remains forever fertile and will forever inspire those who long for it, writes a French Catholic guest columnist.

Benedict and the scandal

Archbishop Chaput sees echoes of an Italian Catholic philosopher's prophetic 1970 analysis with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's recent essay on the clergy sexual abuse crisis. Both insights plot a bold course ahead for the church and society.

Why House Bill 800 matters

A bill in the Pa. House would dramatically increase EITC funding and greatly expand the number of families and students eligible, writes Archbishop Chaput. The bill is not simply a “good idea” -- it’s a huge service to the young people of our state.

See this movie. It matters.

Abby Johnson's journey from director of a Planned Parenthood clinic to staunch pro-life advocate is told compellingly in the new movie, "Unplanned," which Archbishop Chaput urges everyone to see. It's that important.

A thought for Lent 2019

It’s the season in church life that calls us to discipline our appetites, put aside our excuses, and take an honest look at the state of our souls. Archbishop Chaput proposes eight points to ponder during Lent.

Safe Haven Sunday

Pornography isn't new, but in the digital age it creates an even wider "cascade of pain" throughout families and society, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. The Archdiocese's Safe Haven Sunday (March 2-3) will equip the faithful to protect themselves from this devastating addiction.

Disciplines for an ordinary time

We have a choice, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. We can bear the routine challenges of these “ordinary” weeks as a burden, or we can mark them with beauty by every day turning our hearts to God in silent prayer.

The Presentation of the Lord

Feb. 2 marks the annual feast of Mary and Joseph presenting their son Jesus at the Temple. Archbishop Charles Chaput thinks this is a good time to encourage large families, Catholic education and welcoming children at Mass.

Christian unity 2019

Five hundred years after a famous debate with Martin Luther, important differences remain among Catholics and Protestants, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. But the love of Jesus and the friendship among Christians it creates matter more.