Archbishop Chaput's column

In search of a silver bullet

Archbishop Charles Chaput invites readers to reflect on "the stranglehold that abortion has on our political life" in a guest commentary by Stephen P. White, executive director of The Catholic Project at The Catholic University of America.

Archbishop Chaput welcomes successor back to Philadelphia

See the remarks delivered by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput at a news conference Jan. 23 introducing Archbishop-elect Nelson J. Perez as the next Archbishop of Philadelphia.

Archbishop speaks to Jewish community at Hanukkah

Archbishop Charles Chaput offers his best wishes as the Festival of Lights begins, and prays that the celebration brings a "renewed sense of peace and freedom from oppression."

Archbishop Chaput’s 2019 Christmas message

This will be Archbishop Charles Chaput's last Christmas as the serving archbishop of Philadelphia. He expresses gratitude for the gift of ministry here, and blessings on "this wonderful Christmas feast of life."

Irony and Catholic memory

American Catholics can learn from history, especially church history, to renew a sense of confidence and hope. That is why Archbishop Chaput recommends George Weigel's "must read" new book.

DACA and our future

Archbishop Charles Chaput agrees with Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez that U.S. political leaders have a moral obligation to honor "Dreamers," those young immigrants contributing to American society.

Safe injection sites: A dose of despair

Philadelphia’s plan to create a "safe" site for illicit drug injection is a symptom of a confused, suffering culture that refuses to understand the true nature of addiction and those enslaved by it, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. Recovery is ultimately attained through proven treatments and the healing love of Christ.

Domestic violence and our respect for life

Every October, we reaffirm the sanctity of human life, but it's also a time to focus on women and families suffering abuse at home, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. The Catholic Church offers a variety of resources that can raise awareness of this issue and offer healing.

Father James Martin and Catholic belief  

Archbishop Charles Chaput finds ambiguity in the popular Jesuit priest’s statements and activities on same-sex related issues, and offers five cautions for the Catholic faithful about his claims.

Items on the threshold of fall

September is a back to school, back to work, month as vacations end and life returns to normal. But this September is not normal because of two major events on the same day, as well as important books on the mind of Archbishop Chaput.