Concerned about coherence? Seek who, not what, you get at Mass

Putting up with a lot of words before receiving holy Communion is a short-sighted motivation for what happens on Sundays, writes Oblate Father Thomas Dailey. The real presence of Christ has the power to transform our minds, and how we live.

Farewell to a good priest and friend

Hosffman Ospino is mourning the death of Father Alvaro Rincón due to COVID-19, and recalls their friendship from their youth through the clergy abuse scandal. He says goodbye to Father Alvaro and the many other good priests who died before their time during this pandemic.

How to answer kids when prayers go unanswered

Prayer is not a mathematical formula or a magic wand, but an invitation to surrender to a loving God who understands even when we don't, writes Laura Kelly Fanucci.

In the collision on Hyde, the stakes could not be higher

It's hard to overstate the significance of attacks on preventing taxpayer funded abortion, which will coerce pro-life advocates to actively support the destruction of unborn children, writes Richard Doerflinger.

Still we hold the hands of the grandparents who first held ours

On the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly July 25, Heather Huot tells of the archdiocesan ministries to the elderly and the signs of love across the generations, with her own grandmom.

Catholic Foundation’s first 8 years saw growth in aid to archdiocese

Formed in 2013 to support charitable giving among the Philadelphia region's Catholics, the organization most recently provided a financial lifeline to parishes during COVID, writes Sarah Hanley.

Reliance on prayer helps family deal with serious health scare

The sister of Kim Griffin was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was successfully removed this week. Uncertainty for the future remains, but the family is assured God is with them in their suffering.

Give a ‘Christmas in July’ present: Tell the elderly they are loved

With pandemic restrictions last December preventing Christmas gatherings, the church suggests a simple way of nurturing intergenerational solidarity this July 25, writes Sister Constance Veit.

Avoid the ‘rotten fruit’ of our digital age

Catholics are being misinformed -- and lied to -- as the shrinking number of diocesan newspapers and news sites is creating a vacuum for the ideologically unscrupulous, warns Greg Erlandson.

Always have coffee ready

The sage advice by Katie Prejean McGrady's elderly grandmother serves to keep couples and friends close, and it reminds all Christians how to prepare for the coming of the Lord.