Lent 2021

Fast from indifference during communal heartbreak

Writer Claire Lucas believes that in a throwaway culture and at a time of pandemic suffering, it is easy to become apathetic. But the world needs our tender love in the model of the Lord.

Jesus and his beatitudes are model to follow

Calling the beatitudes the "self-portrait of Jesus," a cardinal leading a Lenten meditation at the Vatican said "the life Jesus proposes to others is his way of being. He teaches by what he does."

Fasting from sin: the never-ending Lenten challenge

Fasting cannot be fixed solely on ourselves, nor on a desire to replenish our own bodies. It can lead us to a renewed appreciation and desire for God in our lives.

An angry Jesus shows the way to peace

Ricardo Martinez, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary shares with Inside CatholicPhilly.com how Christ modeled a holy havoc that cleansed the Temple, while pointing the way to righteousness and eternal life.

As walk with Peter through Lent, we see much of ourselves

In St. Peter we see eagerness trumped by fear, plenty of mistakes, feelings of unworthiness and deep regret, plus enthusiasm and a desire to do right. He's a subject of meditation for Effie Caldarola.

God offers humanity a love with no equal on earth, pope says

Pope Francis continued his series of talks on prayer by looking at how Jesus opened the door to God, revealing his true identity as a loving father with whom one could talk through prayer.

A holiness that doesn’t make headlines

We have all known quiet, hidden souls who build the kingdom of God through their simple, steadfast witness, writes Gina Christian. Like St. Joseph, such individuals are humble reminders of the Father, and for them we are thankful.

Lent’s one goal: Entering a relationship with Jesus

Effie Caldarola offers a Lenten meditation on living as the Gospel calls her, and facing the things that are holding her back from the heart of Jesus. May this Lent be a time to move forward.

This Lent, risk prayer

How does prayer transform us? By changing what we desire, writes Jesuit Father Rick Malloy. When we open our hearts in prayer to the God who desperately loves us, watch out. Anything can happen!

Stunned into silence, where God whispers love

Phong Le, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, shares how the Transfiguration invites us to be still, and to create space for the Lord and others.