Lent 2021

The triumph of the cross: The hope of Holy Week

In his passion, Jesus’ sufferings were unequaled. And in its depiction of the Lord's crucifixion, a small painting by a German master might also be without peer, as writer Jem Sullivan explains.

This Palm Sunday, watch a movie that teaches obedience

While pop culture regards obedience as a restrictive taboo, Jesus offers the perfect example of authentic freedom, writes a religious sister who offers a list of movies that focus on the virtue.

Crowding around Jesus, or standing with him?

During his earthly ministry, Jesus was followed by large groups of people, several of whom ultimately called for his death. But only those who truly recognized Christ could be called disciples, writes Gina Christian.

Finding joy through suffering

Randy Kraft, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, shares with Inside CatholicPhilly.com how embracing the cross with Jesus lifts us into eternal life.

Lent, done well, is hard work

Fasting, praying and giving alms are hard things to do, writes Katie Prejean McGrady. They push us sometimes to the margins of our minds where we begin to see the hand of God, inviting us: You can do hard things.

Holding out until the end

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent, Scripture extols the virtue of perseverance despite one's trials, and exhorts us to emerge from earthly ordeals with a clearer vision of our mission as disciples.

‘Judgment’ on the world culminates in Jesus’ hour at the cross

Msgr. Joseph Prior comments on the Fifth Sunday of Lent in which Jesus prepares his disciples for his coming passion and death on the cross, which redeems the world in love and mercy.

A father like St. Joseph

The humble carpenter from Nazareth has room in his heart for those without a dad to lean on, writes Gina Christian.

Scripture reflections with Father LoJacono

Join Incarnate Word Father Joseph LoJacono as he explores the readings of the Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Dying to live forever

John Okpara, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, shares with Inside CatholicPhilly.com how Jesus' cross redeems human nature by utterly defying it -- and making it eternal.