Lent 2021

Gift of the Holy Spirit connects people to Christ, pope says

Every Christian is unique because the Holy Spirit inspires something new and original in each person, creating "an endless field of holiness," Pope Francis said as he ended his series of talks on prayer.

Are we there yet, God?

For those impatient with the seemingly slow pace of salvation history, especially amid current crises, the Stations of the Cross provide a reassuring map and a guaranteed arrival to everlasting life, writes Gina Christian.

Becoming more human through almsgiving

Giving and receiving things is part of what it means to be human. As we give of our material wealth we share in God's work to sustain all his children, and grow into our humanity as images of God.

Almsgiving: An ‘act of trust’ in the new normal

Lent is a time to place less emphasis on stuff and possessions, and recognize that everything we own is God's gift. Our trust in his providence should help us to give more freely to those in need.

When love is lifted up, life flows

Shane Flanagan, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, shares with Inside CatholicPhilly.com how Christ's selfless death reveals the true meaning of a word we take for granted.

Redirect today’s ample fears to proper fear of the Lord

The halfway point of Lent is a great time to take stock of our thoughts and ask ourselves, who do we fear? Kim Griffin suggests that we follow the example of the saints and fear the Lord who redeems.

Jesus and his beatitudes are model to follow

Calling the beatitudes the "self-portrait of Jesus," a cardinal leading a Lenten meditation at the Vatican said "the life Jesus proposes to others is his way of being. He teaches by what he does."

Fast from indifference during communal heartbreak

Writer Claire Lucas believes that in a throwaway culture and at a time of pandemic suffering, it is easy to become apathetic. But the world needs our tender love in the model of the Lord.

Fasting from sin: the never-ending Lenten challenge

Fasting cannot be fixed solely on ourselves, nor on a desire to replenish our own bodies. It can lead us to a renewed appreciation and desire for God in our lives.

An angry Jesus shows the way to peace

Ricardo Martinez, a seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary shares with Inside CatholicPhilly.com how Christ modeled a holy havoc that cleansed the Temple, while pointing the way to righteousness and eternal life.