Guilt-ridden grandmom wants to baptize grandson herself

Father Ken Doyle sets a well-intentioned woman straight on Catholic education, church law, and the concept of limbo, all over her non-baptized grandson.

Pope Francis: Discern good from bad in ‘flea market’ of desires

"Our heart is always filled with desires, wishes, thoughts," he said, suggesting a simple test to reveal whether a feeling brings one closer to God or drives one further away.

Today’s impractical gift for mother and babe points to a wondrous light

Columnist Michelle Francl-Donnay has an epiphany of how to put the incarnation into practice after the 12th day of Christmas.

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for January

The pope offers his universal and evangelization prayer intentions for the month.

Rules for religion — why are there so many?

Father Ken Doyle in his weekly Q& A column writes there are good reasons for the 2,865 sections, or "explanations," of the Catholic Catechism. Jesus reminded us of two rules, but not only two. Also, Father Doyle says it's OK to listen to Joel Osteen and other Protestant preachers.

What to do when a woman falls for a priest?

Father Ken Doyle advises a cooling off period for a woman who says she is in love with a priest. Also, he tips his cap to a question about wearing hats in church.

Walk paths of the last week of Advent slowly, with Mary and Joseph

It’s 80 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem, writes columnist Michelle Francl-Donnay. On foot or donkey-back, it provided time for reflection and discussion, just as the final days of Advent offer us time for the same. Also see a link to her video Advent reflection.

Grandmom wants to take on religious education herself

Columnist Father Ken Doyle answers the question of a woman who wants to prepare her grandchildren to receive penance and Eucharist. The priest also addresses a particular kind of regifting: The selling of already blessed religious objects.

The pope’s ‘leftover’ ring

Father Ken Doyle responds in his popular weekly column to a question about the choice of a ring by Pope Francis. Also, Father Doyle talks about the Liturgy of the Hours as a deeper practice of prayer, and an alternative to it for one reader.

Pope at audience: Americas, open your arms to poor, immigrants, unborn

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis prayed that Catholics throughout the Americas would open their arms to the poor, to immigrants, to the unborn and to the aged just as Mary opens her arms to all.