‘Tolkien’ focuses on Catholic author’s love of language, medieval imagery

Critics are debating the Christian themes in a new film on the imaginative "Lord of the Rings" author J.R.R. Tolkien, a movie that may have benefited by more explanation of his use of Catholic imagery.

Young love shines in ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’

Boy meets girl, tries to win her love before she's deported, and audiences try to endure pretentious pronouncements in this modern tale of star-crossed lovers.

Video star Pikachu goes live in first film

Fans of the global media juggernaut that began with video games in the 1990s may welcome "Pokemon Detective Pikachu." But the uninitiated may feel both left behind and unimpressed.

Three looks into fonts of grace: New books on Catholic sacraments

There are few topics more important to Catholic life than sacraments, and these three books explore the seven key experiences of God's grace -- an underexamined area of our faith.

‘The Hustle’ recasts ‘Scoundrels,’ with taste of reheated leftovers

Employing hit-or-miss sight gags instead of wit, the film uses outdated notions of sophistication to show empowered, villainous women. The film fails because its 1964 and 1988 roots are showing.

‘The Burial of Kojo’: A family’s love in a magical realm

Set in Ghana and shot on a minimal budget, the enchanting fable currently streaming on Netflix mysteriously affirms love through an entrancing narration that reveals how magical life can be.

Video game may have a role in Notre Dame reconstruction

The video game "Assassin's Creed" may prove to be the burned cathedral's saving grace. The game's developer spent two years recreating the cathedral so gamers could experience it in realistic fashion.

‘Good-bad Catholic’ experience adds to Canadian writer’s new fiction

Canadian author and educator Randy Boyagoda hopes an upcoming trilogy of novels will add to the tradition of what he terms "the good/bad Catholic" narratives.

No ‘Hesburgh’ picture without ‘Catholics vs. Convicts,’ filmmaker says

"Hesburgh" is the new documentary about Holy Cross Father Theodore Hesburgh, the priest who led the University of Notre Dame for 35 years.

Surprising facts can deepen Catholics’ grasp of Bible

As the author shows, this most ancient of books -- actually a mini-library -- is remarkably relevant to our own times. Fact 101: In the Bible God speaks to each of us, in our own hearts.