Digital bill of rights formulated, headed to presidential hopefuls

The digital bill of rights formulated by Free Press, a nonprofit that promotes equitable access to technology, diversity in media ownership and responsible journalism.

Rhode Island pastor competes on ‘Worst Cooks in America’ reality TV show

Each season, 14 "recruits" with extremely poor cooking skills take part in a culinary boot camp led by celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell, to earn a cash prize of $25,000.

Intellectual bio traces influences on Pope Francis’ thought

For those interested in the intellectual framework that undergirds the pope's theological outlook, a new book paints a picture that is rigorous and sympathetic, suggesting a richness and complexity to his theology.

Players of ‘Dragon Quest Builders 2’ build in a world where it’s banned

Gamers who love to play "Minecraft" will love this sequel game to the 2016 original in which they learn to build, and fight off bad guys. The exceptional gameplay elements are enhanced by an engaging story.

As angel+demon buddy story, ‘Good Omens’ is funny, effective satire

The six-part series streaming on Amazon is a refreshingly witty departure from the tedium of so many television productions. It's a metaphysical romp to which only the easily offended are likely to take exception.

New documentary looks at immigrants’ integration into U.S. heartland

Filmmakers Matthew McGlinn and John Altman set out to, in McGlinn's words, "elevate the conversation" about immigration with their new documentary, "Immigrants in the Heartland: Who Are We Following?"

Women’s stories offer concrete tips for daughters of God

In three books about feminine spirituality, the authors encourage women to be, above all, daughters of God. Each reveals personal secrets to affirm, shock and challenge women to live their faith confidently.

‘The Lion King’ roars back to screens in ‘live’ action

Should the beloved 1994 animated feature have been remade using the latest CGI techniques? Probably not, but just hum "Hakuna Matata" and enjoy the latest Disney film anyway.

Viewers won’t forget ‘Rolling Thunder Revue,’ even if Bob Dylan does

The fascinating Netflix film is, as they said in the '60s, a "put on," but it's also an insightful look at Dylan's 1975 tour at a time when many Americans had become disillusioned.

Rare exhibit of Jesuit artists’ work in China displayed in Washington

Visitors to Smithsonian art museums in Washington got a special treat this summer when an exhibit on Chinese empresses also featured a rare display by two Jesuit missionaries whose artwork was in the past largely seen only by royalty and high government officials.