‘The Twilight Zone’ enters new dimension in streaming video

The concerns and themes that made the original 1960s show legendary reappear, although with uneven quality, in the new CBS All Access series hosted by the successful director Jordan Peele.

‘The Kids Are Alright’ injects Catholic themes into prime-time sitcom

Episodes don't always come with a happy ending and the characters don't always honor Catholic values, but they do teach the Commandments in a funny way. Given all the options, TV viewers could find worse.

‘Dumbo’ soars onto screens against a headwind of sadness

The visually lush tale of the orphaned baby elephant taking to the skies is set in a melancholy air that could easily upset young tots, which makes the film best for older children and grownups.

Vatican cookbook offers rare collection of recipes, history, photos

The remarkable coffee-table collection blended with equal measure of recipes, stories and photos is a culinary and artistic dream for lovers of food, history, culture and art.

Powerful pro-life message of ‘Unplanned’ not for faint of heart

The hard-hitting drama dares moviegoers to confront the reality of what happens when a baby is aborted. Viewers of this emotionally unsparing film need to weigh its informative value with its disturbing elements.

Looking to Easter, poems of life, death and what follows

Beauty and danger run as an undercurrent through people's and animals' lives in the poetry of Jenny George, whose new collection "The Dream of Reason" is reviewed by editor Matthew Gambino.

Intersection of faith, politics explored by theologian, retired pope

Healing and transformation of politics in an age of incivility and polarization are the themes developed by Pope Benedict XVI and Baptist professor Bruce Ashford in two recent books.

‘Jesus: His Life’ recreates and reflects on Gospels

The docudrama, which will debut on History March 25, combines commentary and historical reenactment in a refreshing, accessible retelling of the pivotal moments in Christ's earthly ministry, from the perspective of those who knew him best.

‘Us’ is a frightening look in the mirror at ‘them’

The horror fantasy starring Lupita Nyong'o follows a family terrorized by evil versions of themselves. The film is a "thinking person's creeper," but the viewers will need a strong stomach for the movie's graphic violence.

Complex ‘Captive State’ wraps social commentary in sci-fi drama

After humanity surrendered the earth to invading aliens, a young Chicagoan prepares an uprising, thwarted by surveillance and spies. While the film is ambitious it promises more than it ultimately delivers.