Anglophiles rejoice at arrival of ‘Downton Abbey’ on big screen

The sweeping spectacle of the manor, its lordly family and their hard-working staff return from the hiatus of the PBS series to a full-length film feature that promises all the visuals and personal intrigues -- and visit by the king and queen.

‘Ad Astra’ lifts eyes, and minds, to the stars

As an astronaut searching space for his lost father, Brad Pitt shines in a thoughtful sci-fi drama whose religious undertones will send faith-filled fans over the moon.

‘Bennett’s War’ deploys a hero we can cheer for

Viewers can root for the plucky veteran injured in Afghanistan who once again mounts his motorcycle in a risky race for his ailing father, to the dismay of his wife. Even if the film is predictable, its heart is in the right place.

Author reflects on clerical celibacy as spiritual fatherhood

A book on celibacy has its reviewer, Philadelphia priest Msgr. Brian Bransfield, thinking of his late father. That's an apt reminder of the necessity for forming priests emotionally as well as intellectually.

‘It: Chapter Two’: Almost 3 hours of creepy horror

The bloodletting of this sequel to the film based on the Steven King novel is kept within reasonable limits, but the ethics underlying its story are bankrupt.

‘The Goldfinch’ paints good ends as justifying immoral means

In this intriguing though overly long story, which revolves around a purloined Dutch masterpiece painting, characters yearn to make up for past mistakes while their complex friendships deepen.

At Washington exhibit, the toll of the immigrant journey becomes art

"The Warmth of other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement" exhibit, on display until Sept. 22, 2019, focuses on people forced to leave their homelands.

Book explores ‘a vision of the good’ beyond right-left politics

Fordham theologian Charles Camosy outlines "a revitalized consistent life ethic" that seeks to overcome Catholic tensions between pro-life and social justice issues and oppose the "throwaway culture."

For gamers, ‘Sea of Solitude’ a beautiful if disturbing play

While not intended to be a pleasant gaming experience, this is a journey of catharsis for a young woman, which is important for all who have struggled with pain and suffering in their past.

What if you could change a tragic past? ‘Don’t Let Go’ goes there

An intriguing premise in which a slain girl communicates with her uncle two weeks before her death gets the thriller off to a strong start. But the increasingly tangled plot becomes hobbled by implausibility.