King Arthur meets Brexit in ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’

A 12-year-old boy claims the mighty sword Excalibur and recruits a noble army from his school in this family-friendly retelling of the Arthurian legend -- with modern twists and help from Patrick Stewart.

Be patient with slow pace of ordinary life in ‘Roma’

Grown viewers with long attention spans will find Catholicism subtly interwoven into this meditative drama from Netflix, in which women must band together as men behave badly in 1970s' Mexico City.

The health effects of binge-watching: You are getting very sleepy …

Binge watching was linked to insomnia symptoms, fatigue and poor sleep quality. And among those who already had poor sleep quality, a third of them could link it to binge-viewing.

Authors inspire with 14 stories of world-changing moral leaders

The Protestant authors of "Moral Leadership for a Divided Age" include Catholic saints Teresa of Kolkata, John Paul II and Oscar Romero among profiles of witnesses to virtue. It's ideal for discussion groups.

‘Serenity’ spoiled by poor morals, worse dialogue

The cinematically flawed and ethically impoverished murder-for-hire romantic thriller introduces a bold plot twist near its end, meant to upend audience expectations.

Spicy ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ a tale of fiction, not history

Religion and politics make for a toxic brew in the film that should be taken for entertainment purposes only. Saoirse Ronan gives a multifaceted performance of the monarch amid wanton, bloody proceedings.

‘Dragon Ball’ fans, perhaps only them, thrill to latest film

The latest in a 35-year string of 19 previous films and countless video games features ear-splitting battle scenes and slender plot in the Japanese anime film, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly."

The Candlemas connection

From the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord to a seventh century tradition extended all the way to Punxsutawney Phil, try these crepes (a part of the Candlemas tradition) on Feb. 2.

Movie ‘Gosnell’ lets the facts speak for themselves, director says

Actor-director Nick Searcy hoped it might inspire audiences to reflect on such questions as when life begins and what's the difference between killing a child mere seconds after birth as opposed to in utero.

Hope speaks through best, worst of life in ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’

Abiding love and family ties carry the day in this film adaptation of a James Baldwin novel, in spite of an unfair legal system that attempts to deny black men their humanity. Joy finds a way to co-exist with gloom.