Graphic gore obscures poignant AI/human conflict in ‘Upgrade’

The main character gets an artificial intelligence "upgrade" to make him a superhuman fighter. But it also pits his will against the voice inside his head that urges him to increasing savagery.

Social scientist addresses question of why people are religious

"Most humans believe (and hope) that life has meaning." That affirmation appears in the list of basic propositions that form the core around which Rodney Stark, a widely known sociologist of religion, builds his new book, "Why God?"

Priest: ‘Ninja’ show a way to proclaim Gospel using his God-given talents

An Arkansas Catholic priest is taking his ninja name "Father Flex" national as a contestant on the new season of the NBC reality show "American Ninja Warrior," debuting May 30.

Caped Crusader goes to Japan, with a bang, in ‘Batman Ninja’

Brace yourself for this animated direct-to-video effort from DC Comics. It may be unlike any movie of the genre you've ever seen. It's confusing and flimsy, but also eye-popping with gorgeous vistas and over-the-top action.

Han Solo on his own is fun, but thin

The cheeky charisma of star Alden Ehrenreich in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" adds to the punch of bloodless action scenes as Han steals and deals alongside his weakness for a good cause.

Georgetown prof’s study shows efficacy of educational kids’ TV

Before the FCC puts a relaxing of children's TV rules on its agenda, it is worthwhile to pay attention to a study conducted by Sandra Calvert, a professor in the psychology department of Georgetown University in Washington.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

"Burnout Paradise Remastered," is the upgrade of a popular racing title that first debuted in video game format in 2008, and before that was much loved in the arcades.

CNN tackles tumultuous 1968 in 4-hour docuseries

The Tom Hanks-produced "1968: The Year That Changed America" offers adults and teens rare footage and and keen insights depicting a year rife with war, poverty, racism and social disturbances.

Movie review: Show Dogs

Though it goes heavy on the slapstick, "Show Dogs" (Global Road) is, overall, an amiably lightweight comedy.

Book gives grisly narration of Nazi WWII Holocaust of Soviet Jews

This book is chilling reading. One wishes it were a novel rather than a factual recounting of the Nazi World War II slaughter of Jews in what was then the Soviet Union.