New treatment of Galileo case destined to be a classic

The story of how Galileo Galilei's observations represented a clash of science vs. religion has, over time, been overlaid by a patina of myth. One author brings clarity to the whole story.

‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’ leaves the soul queasy

Truth and illusion, good and evil blur in this tale of the elegant art world's spoiled side, where beautiful scenery contrasts with barren hearts.

Viewers may want their deposit back after ‘The Rental’

The creepy tale of an ocean getaway gone horribly wrong is long on tension, but short on logic or resolution.

‘Radioactive’ has a rare element of class, energy

The new biopic of pioneering physicist Marie Curie shines thanks to solid historical research, thoughtful reflections and a spark of romance.

‘Palm Springs’ leaves viewers thirsting in bleak desert

The slacker spin on "Groundhog Day," starring Andy Samberg, concludes that erotic love is the sole source of redemption in a meaningless universe.

Everyone loses in refugee crisis depicted in ‘Stateless’

A film based on the reality of 71 million displaced persons around the world is a mixed bag, but it succeeds in showing how efforts to deal with refugees have failed.

Flannery O’Connor film opening mid-July at virtual theaters

The documentary explores the famed Catholic writer and a discussion focuses on themes of race, faith, the craft of writing, disability and ultimately, grace and redemption.

Author’s ideas on meeting God offer welcome antidote to isolation

Robert Wicks offers in these unsettling days the appealing prospect of talking with a gentle, listening friend about our relationship with God "in all of our life, in every encounter."

In ‘Greyhound,’ Christian faith helps captain navigate peril

The taut World War II drama streaming on Apple+ is a rousing vehicle for Tom Hanks, whose faith-filled Everyman hero commands a secret mission in the North Atlantic.

‘Hamilton’ lives up to hype of highest-caliber musical theater

Because Broadway is closed, the mega-hit musical can now be seen from home via the Disney+ streaming channel. The acclaimed, high-energy show is especially timely.