‘The Last Vermeer’ frames art with intrigue in post-war Europe

Though the film plays intelligently with moral twists and turns, the main character offers a reliable ethical compass as he gradually uncovers the levels of truth that the script craftily reveals.

Book offers practical advice on women’s ministry in church

People complain about what's wrong with the church. "Joyful Momentum," with its worthwhile recommendations for building strong ministries, offers solutions for women to do something about it.

‘Come Away’ is messy mash-up that sparks imagination

Take "Peter Pan," add a dash of "Alice in Wonderland," stir in the poetry of William Butler Yeats and you have the recipe for this intriguing if schizophrenic fairy tale.

As modern morality tale, ‘Mank’ flashes back to golden-era Hollywood

In the Netflix film likely to appeal to fans of classic cinema, a studio head explains the movie industry to screenwriter Joseph Mankiewicz, who is working on the "Citizen Kane" screenplay.

Sophia Loren majestically returns to screen in ‘The Life Ahead’

The pleasure with which viewers might otherwise greet Loren's presence is blighted by the fact that her latest project is as morally flawed as it is skillfully made and adeptly played.

Modern western brings family conflict home on the range

A strong marriage must go the distance against a distant, malevolent clan in the drama "Let Him Go." It features fine acting but also climactic mayhem as adversaries settle scores with violence.

Cloudpunk game beauty to behold, in dystopic future way

Players take on the role of an average person driving a hover car around a futuristic metropolis and into deepening ethical dilemmas, trying to make the best decisions she can.

‘The Witches’ brews up a spirited mix of Christian faith, sorcery

The latest remake of Roald Dahl's 1983 novel seethes with wit, although faith and superstition are tangled at points.

‘Fishbowl’ a slow swim to nowhere

Logical flaws and a lack of character depth muddy the waters in this tale of grief, alienation and religious zealotry.

Nun paints icon of Mary, Undoer of Knots to offer hope amid pandemic

Presentation Sister Carrie Link, an artist and iconographer, says Mary's intercession can loosen the tangles of a troubled time.