Free for all: Movies from 1922 available online at no cost

Take a walk down memory lane with historic films -- including romances, dramas and horror flicks -- available online at no cost.

Hillbilly Thomists bluegrass band performs for Knights on Opry stage

The musical members of the Dominican Order look to carry out their mission as preachers, pointing listeners to God one note at a time.

Superman’s best friend a loyal lead in ‘DC League of Super-Pets’

A caped Krypto offers life lessons in self-sacrifice, cooperation and love, with a few morally muddy pawprints.

‘Nope’ offers violent, uncertain answer to question of evil

Gory and vulgar, the sci-fi horror film from writer-director Jordon Peele feels unfocused, lacking a solid response to the forces of darkness threatening its characters.

‘Paws of Fury’ dogged by lowbrow humor

The animated martial-arts spoof, featuring an insecure beagle for a hero, relies on nonstop bathroom jokes and intense cartoonish violence to tell its tale.

Two books underscore harmony of science, religion

Both "Finding God in the Universe" and "Discovery and Revelation" make a persuasive case for the "relational unity" between powerful fields of human thought. They echo St. John Paul II's call to find unity "as we move toward meaning in our lives."

‘Thor’ sequel puts hammer down on hero’s neediness

Tongue-in-cheek humor paces the vivid action in "Thor: Love and Thunder," Disney's third direct sequel to the Marvel Comics-based franchise's 2011 original.

‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’

A '70s vibe adds verve to the animated origin story of Gru, the good-hearted would-be villain of 2010's "Despicable Me" film franchise.

Can’t help falling in love with lavish ‘Elvis’

The over-the-top, furiously paced production unfolds at a dizzying pace, propelled by sensational musical numbers, good use of archival footage and a star-making performance by Austin Butler.

‘Lightyear’ blasts off with controversy on joyless journey

With a melancholy hero and depictions of same-sex marriage, the latest trip for space ranger Buzz Lightyear is one families won't want to take.