‘A Quiet Place Part II’: Not as silent, more predictable than predecessor

Gone from the 2018 original film are the suspense, analogies and underlying message -- and sparse dialogue -- replaced in this sequel by familiar sci-fi tropes and much gunfire.

‘Profile’ offers brave peek into jihadist recruitment

The film recounts a French woman's online infiltration of Muslim radicals in ways that are thoughtful but not harrowing. The barbarous cruelty of ISIS is depicted with restraint.

Catholic travel guide is a keeper, whether you’re hitting the road or not

You're not likely to find a more complete resource than this one -- perhaps the best of its kind ever written -- if you want to include Catholic holy places in your vacation plans this year or for years to come.

‘Monster’ doesn’t settle for easy answers to complex issue

In a tale of urban criminal justice, the complex interplay of peer pressure, positive reinforcement and bravado of the film's lead character sustains attention and evokes sympathy.

It’s comedy, it’s serious, it’s ‘Here Today’

The film starring Billy Crystal, an aging comedian with a grave secret, has honorable intentions but so often misses the mark that it falls flat as both drama and comedy.

Rom com ‘Finding You’ finds way to the heart, through Ireland

The main character of the teen-friendly film finds new friends in adopted Ireland as she learns to look beneath the surface and see into people's hearts, thus enabling her own heart to heal.

A look at labor justice through a Catholic lens

In her new book, author and theologian Christine Firer Hinze calls for an American economic system that ensures "dignified work and a good livelihood to every family and household without exception."

The head scratching ethics of ‘Lucy, the Human Chimp’

Scenes of the main character living with chimpanzees is an immersive experience, but the film's human-chimp interactions are as interesting as they are murky and unsettling.

Adults behaving badly casts specter on child in ‘Separation’

With its storybook characters coming to ghostly life to menace the characters, the film adds little to the horror film genre but does offer a disturbing experience of emotional child abuse.

Spelling problems aside, ‘Mortal Kombat’ is brutal, ponderous, silly

Touting false deities and inventive savagery, the morally offensive film reboots a series of video games previously brought to the big screen via movies dating from the mid-1990s.