‘The Dig’ unearths deeds of ancient man, and present men

The discovery of an ancient burial ground in southeastern England in 1939 is the setting for this historical drama spanning ages, effective if not for one extraneous plot detail.

Book examines difficult path to restoring faith after child sex abuse

"Glimmers of Grace" is an effort to provide some simple, practical guidance to climbing the spiritual ladder back to God. Who better to write it than a survivor of clergy sex abuse?

New take on ‘Pinocchio’ offers dark, scary fairy tale

It's no lie to say that the tale is scrupulously faithful to the grotesqueries of its gloomy source material. As such, it falls well short of what anyone might regard as straightforward family entertainment.

Funny, entertaining ‘Soul’ a bit too thin

Although it's understandable that the filmmakers portray the spiritual arena in a nondenominal way to avoid offending religious sensibilities, the result feels sterile, and could be confusing to little ones.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: The super woman for our time

The plot is silly, but this bloodless action and combat adventure conveys good messages about self-sacrifice, helping one's neighbor and the twin evils of greed and selfishness.

‘Promising Young Woman’ opts for vengeance in dealing with sexual assault

The film takes a lighthearted touch to its lead's murderous approach with the message that her targets had it coming. That undermines its ethical observations about the social attitudes that allow sexual assault to flourish.

Tragedies both personal and national collide in ‘News of the World’

The visually stunning epic starring Tom Hanks explores the ethnic, sectional and economic tensions of the Reconstruction era in the West, and the redemptive bond of its two main characters.

At the end of the world, ‘Greenland’ is where humanity endures

An apocalyptic comet is the film's villain, but the real agenda concerns the endurance of basic decency and family solidarity in the face of a global challenge. These days, that's an all-too-timely takeaway.

Dig into these Christmas recipes — if can afford them

Readers will learn an appreciation for liturgical traditions and recipes they can try at home, but some of these dishes won't be able to be prepared at home due to financial or geographical limitations.

Video games offering adventures for anyone’s Christmas list

A review of five current video games offers wholesome and sometimes challenging gift ideas for young gamers.