Virtuous knights nowhere to be found in ‘The Last Duel’

The grim historical drama emphasizes the brutal and the bawdy aspects of medieval European life. But if the explicit sexual content weren't enough, a rape scene gets retold through three perspectives -- three times -- before a gory duel.

James Bond has ‘No Time to Die’ but plenty for romance and revenge

For those content to skim along the surface of this long, sprawling, action-packed and unapologetically escapist fantasy, consideration of moral issues will remain as remote as that interminable question: Why shaken, not stirred?

In ‘Mass,’ a school shooting’s aftermath opens wounds, and healing

While set in a religious school, the movie does not place its principals within a religious context. But the choice of title implies that God is present with the protagonists' anguish and willingness to forgive.

Collection shows Dorothy Day’s unique vision of holiness

This well-edited volume of Day's columns from the Catholic Worker from 1960 to 1969 show lush attention to detail, her profound ascetical spirituality and the hard challenge of modern discipleship.

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ prequel probes mobster’s roots

The richly textured but sad origin story of Tony Soprano, lead character of the long-running television drama "The Sopranos," dives deep into details for those already familiar with the story but will be confusing to anyone else.

Game holds ‘life is strange’ in search for ‘true colors’

A new graphic video adventure starring Erika Mori explores the meaning of community, loss and self-reliance, but some misguided interludes make for a morally rough ride.

Three books offer hope-filled views on Christian-Muslim relations

A journey through the Muslim year with friends, an exploration of negative views toward Muslims and how Christians can work with them in solidarity are the themes of three new books on their relationship both in the U.S. and around the world.

Like teen of its title, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ plumbs deep well of emotions

Always intense though sometimes awkward, the movie's star-studded cast brings gravitas, and sometimes too much, to this film adaptation of the stage hit that throws a spotlight on the real-life problems of young people.

Poet sees renewed appreciation of fine arts as way to deepen devotion

James Matthew Wilson, formerly a professor at Villanova University, recognizes that people may find contemporary literature "obscure and abysmal," but he leads a program designed to promote good poetry "with the resources of the Catholic tradition."

Ken Burns retells story of ‘Muhammad Ali’ that’s largely been told

It wouldn't be fall without a new PBS documentary series by the famed director, who turns his gaze to Ali. Since more than a dozen films have already been made about the boxer, fans might have preferred more on Ali the activist and humanitarian.