What would St. Thomas Aquinas think of marijuana?

"How to Feel Good and How Not To" offers a Thomistic framework for thinking through the ethics of using marijuana, alcohol and other mood-altering drugs.

‘American Oz’ peeks into flawed wizard behind the curtain

The adventurous and complicated life of Frank Baum, who wrote the children's novel that transformed into the beloved "The Wizard of Oz" film, is the subject of a PBS documentary.

On life’s ‘off-ramp,’ Archbishop Chaput offers timely thoughts

The retired archbishop's new book is like a chat with a grandfatherly friend who in the final decades of his life is encouraging a young person how to approach death, life and meaning in a culture of irony.

Latest ‘Crash Bandicoot’ video game is a timely hoot

The fourth installment of the franchise features smooth, detailed graphics, a vivid world environment and rewarding mechanics. It's entertaining, accessible and technically excellent.

Graduate program aims to reverse decline seen in Catholic art, literature

A new master's of fine arts degree program in creative writing at the University of St. Thomas in Houston may mark a resurgence of Catholic literary arts, said its founders, including a poet at Villanova University.

‘Hemingway’ on PBS traces life of literary genius, colossal jerk

Despite the artistry that Ken Burns and his team bring to bear in telling the tale of Ernest Hemingway, the shortcomings of the writer make this six-hour documentary series a long, depressing slog.

Strength of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ isn’t the human characters

Despite mounting plot twists and vulgar dialogue, the titular big brutes set against top-flight special effects and crashing skyscrapers remain the film's only stars.

‘Resurrection’ movie offers fine treatment of sacred subject

Viewers will get an early Easter treat March 27 with the latest project from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett: a handsome dramatization of the most essential period in human history.

Author brings St. Clare of Assisi out from shadow of St. Francis

Author Wendy Murray paints a vivid image of a woman who knew her own mind and wasn't afraid to use it. Clare changed the way women were seen in the Middle Ages and modeled discipleship anew.

Viewers journey with ‘The Father’ through dementia, in his eyes

Powerful performances by Anthony Hopkins as an octogenarian and Olivia Colman as his daughter make this a moving film that delves into morality and lays bare family relationships.