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Conservationists at Vatican conference call for protecting biodiversity

People's attitudes toward nature as well as their economic systems and consumption habits need to radically change in order to protect biodiversity on the planet and promote a more sustainable and caring world.

Vatican court clears official accused of solicitation in confessional

Five court members convened May 15, it said in a communique, and "acquitted the defendant" because the "configuration" or appearance of the alleged crime was not "proven with the moral certitude necessary after a careful examination of the affair."

Pope assures missionaries of his prayers for kidnapped priest

Pope Francis assured members of the Society of African Missions that he, too, was praying for their confrere, Father Pierluigi Maccalli, kidnapped in Niger in September.

Conscientious objection must be respectful, pope tells health care workers

Without respect, conscientious objection can be "a reason for contempt or pride" that would impede dialogue "with those who hold different positions" and mask the true reason of that objection, which is to the seek the patient's well-being.

Pope chooses theme for World Meeting of Families 2021

The office May 17 announced the theme Pope Francis has chosen for the next World Meeting of Families, which will be in Rome June 23-27, 2021: "Family love: A vocation and a path to holiness."

Vanier funeral highlights God’s love for each person

Gathered in a makeshift chapel around a simple pine casket, members of L'Arche communities and Faith and Light groups from around the world mourned the passing of Jean Vanier and celebrated his life, his wisdom, his holiness and humanity.

Mexican court allows abortion if mother’s health is at risk

The May 15 decision declared that denying a woman access to an abortion if her health is at risk violated the patient's right to health, even though Mexico's criminal code does not mention the health of the mother as a motive for allowing the termination of a pregnancy.

Promote ‘culture of resurrection,’ pope tells Christian Brothers

Like their founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Christian Brothers' must continue their educational mission and restore life to areas where poverty and suffering have taken away the hope of a future, Pope Francis said.

Pope’s Romania visit could heal Catholic-Orthodox relations, expert says

When Pope Francis makes his 30th international trip, visiting Romania in late May, he is likely to receive a more reserved welcome than St. John Paul II did 20 years ago, said an expert in ecumenism.

Two attacks in two days leave 10 Catholics dead in Burkina Faso

Catholic leaders in Burkina Faso appealed for unity and solidarity after two attacks on Catholics in two days left nine laypeople and a priest dead.