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Panamanian prelate to World Youth Day pilgrims: Make the adults nervous

If there was a common denominator, aside from the Christian faith, that united most pilgrims heading to the opening Mass for World Youth Day 2019 in Panama, it was that each person, in his or her own way, faced a challenge back home.

Marginalized take center stage at World Youth Day 2019

Instead of highlighting the problems faced by youth in the world's richest or most populous countries, one of its first events focused on the plight of populations most of the world rarely sees or comes across: the indigenous.

Mexican bishops pray, priests celebrate funerals after pipeline explosion

Mexico's bishops offered prayers for the victims of an explosion in which dozens of villagers in the central state of Hidalgo perished after rushing to get some of the gasoline gushing from what appears to have been an illegally tapped pipeline.

Venezuelan bishops say fresh calls for protest are ‘sign of hope’

The country's opposition has called for mass demonstrations Jan 23 against newly sworn in incumbent President Nicolas Maduro. Opponents called Maduro's May 2018 re-election a sham.

Swiss Guard replaces metal helmets with 3D-printed plastic headgear

While the Swiss Guard's halberds and uniforms have remained largely unchanged over the centuries, its ceremonial helmets are now a product of 21st-century technology.

Italy says it’s closing refugee center where pope celebrated Mass

The center will be closed by Jan. 31 and all the residents will be transferred to different regions of Italy. As of Jan. 23, though, neither the residents nor the media were told exactly where the asylum-seekers would be living.

On flight to Panama, Pope confirms November trip to Japan

Greeting members of the press aboard the flight Jan. 23, the pope was asked by a Japanese journalist if he will be visiting the country. He also told another journalist aboard the flight that while there are no immediate plans to travel to Iraq, he hopes to visit one day.

Catholic leaders welcome plan to cancel fee for migrants to stay in U.K.

MANCHESTER, England (CNS) — Catholic leaders welcomed a government U-turn over a plan to charge European Union migrants to apply to stay in Britain. Prime Minister Theresa May announced Jan. 21 that she would abolish the fee of 65 pounds ($84) that all migrants from the European Union, except for Irish citizens, must pay when […]

Chinese bishop says he’ll work to adapt religion to Chinese influences

The president of China's state-sanctioned bishops' conference has pledged to work with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association to develop the Sinicization of religion in the communist nation.

A ‘manifesto’ at World Youth Day calls attention to environment

A group of young Catholics has called for repentance and conversion before environmental degradation puts future generations in “grave danger.” "Time is running out and leaders are showing very low ambition" to make changes.