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Syriac Christians living near border fear Turkey military incursion

Syrian Christians fear a Turkish military incursion into the area east of the Euphrates River would displace thousands of Christians who live in villages and towns along the Syrian-Turkish border.

Congolese church leaders urge international help to contain Ebola

Catholic Church representatives are urging international action to contain the often fatal disease in Congo's eastern provinces. Almost 2,500 cases have been reported in the latest outbreak.

Northern Irish bishops accuse Britain of hijacking bill to allow abortion

Abortion and same-sex marriage will be made legal in Northern Ireland -- both measures passed in the British Parliament -- unless self-government in the province is restored within three months, a process that has stalled for two years.

Priest says Chaldeans in northern Iraq face uncertainty in return to homes

Chaldean Christians in northern Iraq are determined to continue their 2,000-year-long mission despite the near-deadly blow inflicted by Islamic State forces and new challenges from nongovernment militias, said a priest ministering in the region.

Pope appoints new Vatican press office director

Pope Francis appointed Matteo Bruni to serve as director of the Vatican press office, replacing Alessandro Gisotti, who had been serving as interim director since Dec. 31.

Philippine bishops call for ‘ecological conversion’ amid climate crisis

The Philippine bishops' news service reported on a nine-page pastoral letter on the environment. The first half of the letter offers a reflection on the state of the environment, and the second half recommends concrete ecological actions.

As Ethiopia works for reform, church tries to support people in many ways

The Catholic Church in Ethiopia is leading peace and reconciliation efforts while it does what it can to help the millions of people who have fled their homes in an upsurge in communal violence.

‘We cannot absorb the migrant population,’ say Guatemalan bishops

Guatemala's bishops criticized the idea of the country entering into an agreement with the U.S. government to deem it a "safe third country" for asylum-seekers.

African bishop bargains deals for peace in government’s absence

With the national government seemingly unable to function in most of the Central African Republic, Bishop Nestor-Desire Nongo-Aziagbia of Bossangoa has negotiated peace settlements with two armed groups operating in his diocese.

Ghanaian archbishop asks Christians to have modest wedding ceremonies

A Ghanaian archbishop called on Christians to be modest in the celebration of weddings, noting that pressure on young people to have expensive weddings is partly to blame for couples living together without marrying.