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Church leaders hope Trump does not repeal conflict-minerals provisions

Western firms have been accused of working with violent gangs in Congo to obtain minerals used for producing mobile phones, laptops and other consumer objects, and of allowing trade in resources to perpetuate human rights violations.

Vancouver archbishop: Overdose crisis is ‘devastating families’

Archbishop J. Michael Miller of Vancouver called on Catholics to respond to a drug overdose crisis that had been sweeping the city, "cutting across every segment of society, devastating families and communities."

Counteract vitriol by toning it down, talking less, listening more, pope says

"There are lots of remedies against violence," but they must start first with one's heart being open to hearing other people's opinions and then talking things out with patience, he said in a 45-minute off-the-cuff talk.

Refugee family now in Chicago shares experiences of fleeing persecution

They made their way to the United States from Pakistan 20 months ago after being targeted and threatened by a Muslim extremist group.

Victims want more action against Sodalitium abusers, including founder

The Peruvian-based Catholic movement has acknowledged that Figari committed sexual, physical and psychological abuse of teens and young adults in the group, including minors.

After years in war zone, burnout rises among those who serve Syrians

Helene Tremblay-Boyko said there is a great need for psychosocial support, not only for the people displaced by the Syrian Civil War, but also for the humanitarian workers.

Special Olympians show world that ‘every person is a gift,’ pope says

The athletes of the Special Olympics witness to the world the beauty and value of every human life and the joy that comes from reaching a goal with the encouragement and support of others, Pope Francis said.

God will ask an account for blood spilled in today’s wars, pope says

Humankind will have to answer to God for the bloodshed of the innocent victims of war, and the blood spilled by greed and arms trafficking, Pope Francis said.

Cardinal Burke presides over trial investigating Guam archbishop

Three men have publicly accused Archbishop Apuron of sexually abusing them when they were altar boys in the 1970s.

Catholic theologian urges closer ties with Russian Orthodox

"Those suspicious of the Russian Orthodox stance should go and see what's happening," said Barbara Hallensleben, a consultor with the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.