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Priest mediates between Zimbabwe generals, Mugabe

UPDATED - Father Fidelis Mukonori, parliamentary liaison officer for Harare Archdiocese, is trying to mediate a graceful exit for the 93-year-old president, who has led Zimbabwe for 37 years.

‘All of us are God’s children,’ pope says in video message to Myanmar

By visiting Myanmar in late November, Pope Francis said he wants to strengthen Catholics in their commitment to faith and charity and to encourage all efforts "to build harmony and cooperation" among people of all religions.

Spirit of communion needed in church, world, pope tells priests

The pope spoke with participants in the international assembly of the Apostolic Union of the Clergy, a global confederation of groups promoting brotherhood and mutual support among members of the diocesan clergy whether they are bishops, priests or deacons.

Officials pay Chinese Christians to swap crosses for president’s portrait

Officials are giving money to poor households in return for hanging President Xi Jinping's portrait, whom one priest believes is becoming "another Mao" Zedong. Videos are urging children to spy on family members.

Prayer service, conference to promote peace in South Sudan, Congo

Pope Francis' insistence that he preside at a prayer service for peace in South Sudan and Congo is a clear sign of his support and the support of the church, a missionary sister said.

Care for the dying does not mean obstinately resisting death, pope says

UPDATED - People who are dying must be accompanied with the love of family members and the care of medical professionals, but there is no requirement that every means available must be used to prolong their lives, Pope Francis said.

Quick fixes, denial won’t stop climate change, pope says

Denial or indifference when it comes to climate change will not help further honest research or facilitate finding adequate solutions, Pope Francis told government leaders attending a meeting on implementing the Paris accord.

CIDSE sees pope’s encyclical as guide to climate action plans

In a position paper released Nov. 15 at the U.N. climate talks in Bonn, Germany, International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity, or CIDSE, said the success of the Paris climate agreement depends on "our own cultural and spiritual transformation," as described by the pope.

Hindus threaten missioners; bishop seeks protection for Christians

A Catholic bishop has sought protection for the Christian community in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh after Hindu nationalists marched through the streets waving burning torches and denouncing missionaries.

Legionaries deny illegal offshore dealings indicated by Paradise Papers

The order added that the accounts never violated any laws and did not handle the vast sums of money alleged in the investigation.