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‘We must wait and see,’ pope says of President Trump

As President Donald Trump was being sworn in, Pope Francis told an interviewer it would be "reckless" to pass judgment on the new president before he had a chance to do anything.

Pope: Conversion means changing your way of thinking, not just living

"It is a transformation of thought. It is not about changing garments but habits!" the pope said Jan. 22 during his Angelus address.

Vatican Museums open doors wider with mobile-friendly website

In an effort to share its masterpieces with even more people around the world, the Vatican Museums has established a YouTube channel and revamped its website to offer high-resolution images and mobile-friendly information.

Church must accompany couples before, after marriage, pope says

The pope said the church cannot ignore that there is a "widespread mentality" that is convinced eternal truths do not exist and that many young people approaching the church for marriage do not understand what the sacrament is and that it is for life.

God’s forgiveness is call to sin no more, pope says

God forgives and forgets the faults of repentant sinners, unless they keep reminding him of their errors by pretending they have no need to change, Pope Francis said.

Pope blesses Louisiana anti-trafficking project

When Pope Francis posed for a photo Jan. 18 with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, it was not a protocol-dictated nicety; it was a recognition of the commitment on the part of the pope and of a coalition of state and private agencies in Louisiana to stop human trafficking.

Bishops visiting Holy Land: Christians must oppose Israeli settlements

"This de facto annexation of land not only undermines the rights of Palestinians in areas such as Hebron and East Jerusalem but, as the U.N. recently recognized, also imperils the chance of peace," said bishops who participated in the Holy Land Coordination.

Christian living requires constant battle with devil, pope says

Moving closer to Christ means facing daily struggles against temptation and battling against evil, Pope Francis said.

The ecology of burial: Choices reflect beliefs about life after death

A growing number of Catholic cemeteries offer "green burials," but do so emphasizing how the practices and the motivations behind such a choice must coincide with Catholic faith.

Pope: Catholics, Lutherans must continue to seek common ground

Although great strides have been made through 50 years of ecumenical dialogue, Catholics and Lutherans must continue to work toward becoming a full and visible sign of unity for the world, Pope Francis said.