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Bishops call for better religious education, preparation for mission

Improved religious education and a stronger sense of belonging to a community were some of the topics touched upon as the Synod of Bishops moved into its final round of speeches.

Chinese provincial official: Vatican will interfere in religious affairs

PowerPoint slides prepared by Xiong Huaqi, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, included one that stated, "Vatican's attempt to interfere with our Catholic affairs has not changed."

Delegates from U.S. offer their perspectives at synod

Young people today are telling Catholic leaders that if they want to persuade the young to follow Christ and pursue a vocation, church leaders must be models of Gospel behavior, said the head of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

Synod briefing: Bishops optimistic about digital outreach to young people

The Catholic Church and digital media was one theme that had not been getting much press attention at the Synod of Bishops, but finally emerged during the third week of talks dedicated to accompaniment.

Young Salvadorans embrace St. Romero

St. Romero has become popular among some youth in El Salvador as a voice of reason amid problems such as poverty and violence.

Young people, even those far away, are ‘ours,’ Salesian says

"They need to feel that we neither want to run their lives nor dictate how they should live but rather that we want to share with them the best that we have, which is our Lord Jesus Christ," Salesian Father Angel Fernandez Artime said.

Call to follow Jesus includes call to embrace the cross, cardinal says

As the Catholic Church and its members strengthen their commitment to reaching out to young people, helping them "by dialogue to discern their way in the world and the church for a deeper, more human life," they cannot ignore the cross, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo said.

God ‘wants change in church’ stricken by clericalism, pope tells priests

Catholics need to help the church implement Vatican II's vision of the people of God along a path of "deep spiritual renewal" and to reject the "perversion" of clericalism, Pope Francis said.

Truth is inseparable from mercy, Vatican doctrinal chief tells synod

The Catholic Church must guide young men and women toward a healthy discernment that not only distinguishes between good and evil, but does not judge those who fall into sin, said the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Inspire young people to be ‘everyday saints,’ archbishop says

"We need to show young people what holiness looks like by living the Gospel we preach, proclaiming Jesus Christ by the way we live. We need to call young people to be saints -- and we need to be saints ourselves," Archbishop Gomez said.