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Mexican bishops call for more robust response to COVID-19 crisis

Mexico's bishops have expressed alarm that as COVID-19 expands across the country, health authorities are allowing the resumption of economic activity.

Msgr. Ratzinger, retired pope’s brother, dies at 96

Retired Pope Benedict XVI had visited his ailing elder brother Georg, a musician, June 18 in Germany where he had been hospitalized.

UAE sends aid to Peru as part of Catholic-Muslim cooperation

The shipment of 50 tons of aid to Peru is the result of ties between the Vatican and the United Arab Emirates following Pope Francis' visit to Abu Dhabi in 2019.

Catechesis is about a relationship, not just information, Vatican says

Teaching the faith is a work of evangelization meant to lead people to a deeper relationship with Jesus, said the updated "Directory for Catechesis."

Catholics mark 70th anniversary of outbreak of Korean War

Sixteen dioceses in South Korea held Masses in succession to mark the outbreak of the 1950-53 conflict. The two Koreas are still technically at war because the war ended in a truce.

Pandemic showed just how much people need each other, pope says

During the deadliest days in Italy, medical professionals and volunteers built "a culture of closeness and tenderness" that cannot be allowed to disappear, Pope Francis said.

Pandemic highlights need to protect refugees, creation, pope says

Speaking at his Angelus address marking World Refugee Day, Pope Francis said all people should "be more responsible for looking after the common home."

Turkish bishops won’t contest plan to turn ancient cathedral into mosque

Turkey wants to convert Hagia Sophia, the 6th-century church now a museum, into a mosque. Turkey's highest court is expected to approve a conversion plan July 2.

Lockdown has increased risk of grooming, abuse of minors, says expert

Increased screen time and isolation due to restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have put vulnerable minors at greater risk, said a Jesuit safeguarding expert.

Agencies warn of Yemen’s health care collapse, famine risk

Yemen's health care system, ravaged by five years of civil war, is collapsing. Famine stalks 24 million people dependent on foreign aid as the country's economy reels from the pandemic.