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Quebec government limits churches to 50 people, 25 in riskier regions

The drastic reduction in the size of worship gatherings, announced Sept. 20, was met with "incomprehension" by faith leaders who say officials have been unresponsive to calls for dialogue.

Vatican reaffirms, clarifies church teachings on end-of-life care

A letter issued Sept. 22 stressed the dignity of vulnerable patients amid a growing, global trend in legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Pope: Coronavirus vaccine must be for all, not just the wealthy

In a Sept. 19 address to the Italian Pharmaceutical Bank, Pope Francis said the COVID-19 pandemic had revealed global economic inequalities and "pharmaceutical poverty."

Cardinal likens fading Christian presence in Middle East to a sinking ship

Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai warned Sept. 18 that conflict, crisis and COVID -- topped by a deadly Aug. 4 explosion in Beirut -- all threaten the church in one of its ancient homelands.

Cologne cardinal warns German church’s Synodal Path could cause schism

To restore trust lost in the clergy abuse scandal, German Catholics are debating sexual morality, priestly existence and the role of women in the church.

Canadian cardinal proposes a ‘break’ from parish catechesis

Cardinal Gerald Lacroix asked parishes in the Archdiocese of Quebec to pause programs for children and adults to reimagine current "ways of doing things do not bear the fruits we expect."

Spanish bishops denounce euthanasia bill

Euthanasia legislation is headed for the Spanish Senate and, if passed, it would be a defeat for human dignity, the Spanish bishops' conference said.

By the numbers: Statistics illustrate progress in tribunal reforms

Diocesan tribunals are making progress in implementing Pope Francis' reforms to make the marriage annulment process quicker, but it is taking longer to make the process less expensive.

U.S. evangelicals get Israeli visas; Catholics want equal treatment

A large group of evangelical Christians from the U.S. received visas to help with the grape harvest in Israeli West Bank settlements, while Catholic institutions have not been able to obtain Israeli visas.

Creation must be protected, not exploited, pope says at audience

People must view nature not as an "object for unscrupulous use and abuse" but as a gift they are charged by God to care for and protect, Pope Francis said.