Don’t seek humiliation, but when it comes react like Jesus, pope says

Pope Francis said the grace of imitating Christ has been given to modern martyrs, as well as to "many men and women who suffer humiliation every day," but for the good of their families "they close their mouths, they don't speak, they endure it for love of Jesus."

For one, too much talking about the Passion

Father Ken Doyle explains the reading of the Passion narrative of Jesus' death during Palm Sunday, even if it disappoints one reader.

Obedience to God means openness to him, to others, to change, pope says

An inability to dialogue and to accept that God may be doing new things are signs of disobedience to God, Pope Francis said.

Doubt: An element of faith in God

Michelle Francl-Donnay has no doubt we believe in the resurrected Jesus, but wonders how deeply we believe it. Welcoming doubt into life invites much, and demands much.

Harmony, sharing, patience are signs of Spirit’s presence, pope says

The presence of the Holy Spirit makes Christian communities places of harmony and sharing where wealth is not accumulated, but put at the service of the needy, Pope Francis said.

Mercy is for those who feel they don’t deserve it

Carolyn Woo's father was Catholic but never went to church, assuming he was not worthy. The upcoming Year of Mercy, she hopes, will bring such people back to God's love.

Pope says church must speak with courage

Christians "do not do advertising" nor proselytism but are called to be frank and courageous, said Pope Francis at daily Mass today.

Can smokers get to heaven?

Father Ken Doyle traces the recent evolution of thought regarding moral responsibility for using tobacco. He also answers a reader who longs for the confession box.

During Easter, a sparkling feast hides in an ordinary day

Now that we have seen the Lord in the light of Easter, writes Michelle Francl-Donnay, how can we not bend down to serve him, among us, in need?

Is general absolution OK to give Father a break?

A well-meaning reader wants her over-worked pastor to give general forgiveness of sins without individual confession. Father Ken Doyle sympathizes but doubts it is permissible.