St. Jerome School’s seventh grade teacher, Eileen Friend puckers up to kiss a pig Sept. 25 at the Piazza at Schmidt’s in Philadelphia. The fundraising event helped teach children about personal finance, part of a TruMark Financial program.

St. Jerome School in Northeast Philadelphia participated in TruMark Financial’s third annual Kiss-A-Pig financial literacy event.

The fundraiser supports local Philadelphia schools lacking personal finance resources. Money raised will help to teach Philadelphia’s young adults the fundamentals of saving, borrowing and investing.

Students of St. Jerome School donated coins to a “penny vote,” nominating a teacher to kiss a pig on behalf of the school.

Educational grants from the program were awarded Sept. 25 during the official pig kissing event. Seventh grade teacher Eileen Friend was nominated to represent St. Jerome School, which is located at 3031 Stamford St. in Philadelphia. Parents and students attended in support of Friend.

All coins from the “penny vote” have been donated to the TruMark Financial Literacy grant program.

Students of St. Jerome School pose with teacher Eileen Friend and mascots.